The Times January 1959

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LottieAnne | 18:08 Wed 16th Jan 2008 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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I have done the lower half but need some help with the top please.
1ac A suggestion of wire-pulling at Delphi (4,3,6) - - - k/ - - - / - - a - l - (Poss Oracle?)
9ac Begins radio for the Unfinished (4.5) 2nd word poss starts with f
13ac A specialist in puffs (7) 5th letter 'p'
Any help gratefully received.


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1a Work the oracle
Work the Oracle
9a Setes for-th(e)
Sorry! Sets for-th(e)
Do you have anything else and/or are you certain about the 'p' in 13a?
Question Author
Many thanks. 13ac is now g - - - p? - - Yes, looking at it again I think the p is almost certainly wrong. 14d Tranquilizer equal, for example, to mixed fibrel (9)
- - r - g - r - c. I had p as the first letter. Whatever the answer should be the first letter will be where I had put the p in 13ac.
I think the 'P' is correct if 14d is PAREGORIC, a "camphorated tincture of opium used especially to relieve pain", i.e. a tranquillizer, and assuming the logic set out below works:

Par = equal
eg = for example
oric = mixed fibre (COIR)

I am afraid that 13a has me stumped; I will give it some more attention later but may just have to give in, though I hope not.
hi lottie - the word puff can be a noun as in exaggerated praise - just wondered if it could possibly be "creeper" ??
Question Author
Paregoric was my original alswer which I have now decided is right after all and 13ac is grampus. i still have some to do but will try and finish it tomorrow. Thanks again.

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The Times January 1959

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