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barfred | 15:11 Tue 15th Jan 2008 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Hi quizmailers,
Any hints or clues for Q69 sporting trophy image gratefully accepted. Have googled myself silly with combination of sports and trophies, getting nowhere. Thanks


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I think it is tennis - I found a picture of the Williams sisters holding it.
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Thanks a ton , found I did think tennis but thought the person holding it was "male" must get my hormones checked !!!
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It's Justine Henin. Can you help with a clue for Q70 please?
Javert. Trophy never leaves USA. Any clues for pictures of tanks and cars. I'm over googled.
Scenic. Sorry but I'm even more confused now! Can help a bit with the cars and tanks.91 Think mountain slopes. 92 A car for very special people. 32 A former Prime Minister 34 His nickname was "Black Jack" 35 Also think along the lines of black. Not sure about33 and 93 yet. Hope this helps

javert I think scenic is actually referring to q.71. If so a clue for q.70 is that Argentina were hoping to take part in this competition. In turn have you a clue for q.3 ??
Thanks for the hint. Yep Q3 HE is an unsullied bride!

Thanks for the try Javert, but I think you are working on a higher intellectual plane than me coz the answer is no nearer!!
Clues I prefer but they need to be simple........
I'm the same with your clue for the trophy. Any more hints? With regard to Q3 He's a high flyer and his beard has been disposed of for this picture. Bet he ballooned out of his dress!

In what sport did argentina achieve so much, last autumn? maybe we should see how long we could go lobbing obtuse clues at each other !!! although i think mine are on the cusp of giving the answer which just will not do !!

P.S. Javert!! the penny has just dropped !!! thanks for your help
PPS. I've got loads more clues - if you need them but unless you're a one - eyed football fan who thinks no other sports exist i reckon you've got it by now.

PPPS. I don't think that q.34 is connected to general " black jack" I think it's "johnnie"

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