Times Jumbo 732

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LottieAnne | 18:10 Sat 29th Dec 2007 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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9ac Political group you see talking, within reason, endlessly (6) - a - c - s
48acWeak do not get involved in this kind of fighting (3,4,2) - - e/- w - n /- o
44d Arrive as the cup final's beginning, possibly (5,2) f - - - h/- p
Just can't sort out these three. Any help, please? Many thanks


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Tae kwon do (check spelling)
44d fetch up
Could it be 'fetch up' - anagram of 'thecup' plus 'f' beginning?
9ac caucus
Fasces (facists)
should explain - caus(e) with ' you see' ie UC (talking - sounds)
Caucus sounds good - I see where you're coming from.
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Thanks to you both. Do you have any ideas about Jumbo 733 52d County's short existence (4) - s - e ?
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Could it be esse? Think it's Latin for existence and Essex with the x taken off. Latin very rusty!

When was 733 printed, I totally missed it. Am struggling with 734! Good LucK with your entry.
Blueberry - it was published on Wednesday to help us through Boxing Day!
Ditto blueberry- I suppose solution to 731 was published at the same time?Did anyone else find 731 uncommonly difficult? I still have some clues to solve! Wonder if somebody might possibly supply the answers to 6a.,53a.,54a., 38d.,42d.,45d.,--- a tall order, but I'll be most grateful!
Sorry, mike, too long ago, posted off some time ago now.Might be able to help if you typed out the clues though.Yes, I think 731 was quite difficult as far as I can remember.

Lottie Anne we seem to have hijacked your thread, apologies!

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Times Jumbo 732

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