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jimmaboy | 20:15 Sun 23rd Dec 2007 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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44dn arrive as the cup final's beginning possibly (5,2)
F?T?? ?P 52ac vehicle with back seat driver? that's fine roughly speaking (6) ??N?O? 41ac arranged net with cord tightly drawn (9) ??R???E?T 42dn amateur in good shape, not gaining surplus pounds (3-6) ??N ???F?? MANY THANKS


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44 could it be pitch up instead of f?
52 hansom?
44 fetch up


41 stringent

42 non profit
44d fetch up
52 ac hansom
41ac stringent
42d non profit
Fetch Up ( thecup f anagram)
41 string + ent (word for cord+anag of net)
44d Fetch up
52a Hansom ?
41a Stringent
42d Non profit ?

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times jumbo 732

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