contact e-mail for kate mepham please

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ChrisHewat | 15:28 Sat 08th Dec 2007 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Does any member of MM or KM Links 'gang' know how I can get an e-mail to Kate Mepham. We are being seriously descriminated against up here in the North. Our average 1st class mail is taking 3-4 days minimum to London. How on earth can we be expected to get solutions in, in time? I wondered if Kate would take up the cudgel on our behalf - it somewhat ruins completing the crossword for us!! Any suggestions gratefully received.


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I agree its nonsense to have Wed as closing date now there's no Sunday post It may be best to write to her at the Telegraph I will and if enough of us write may get message
there's contact details of email addresses on Telegraph website. I do post it on a monday but doubt if it gets there.
Perhaps also a letter to The Editor. Good Luck
It's also hard on members of the Daily Telegraph Crossword Society like me who live abroad. I post on Mondays but have little confidence that my entries will arrive on time.
You can contact Kate at [email protected] The Telegraph have the last say in these matters but Kate would no doubt voice your concerns if asked. I agree the time span is short but perhaps has to do with type setting in time for Saturdays.
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Many thanks to all for your comments - will write and perhaps everyone else who feels the same should also then maybe, just maybe, someone will take some action. One can but hope! Readrel @ telegraph are a waste of rations - I shall not bother with them again!
I agree with all the frustrations expressed here. I really can't see why the results can not be announced a fortnight later, as is the case with the Prize Crossword in the Mail on Sunday.
If it takes the uncertainty out of whether entries will arrive on time or not then I'm sure no-one could object. I for one would much prefer to wait a week but at least have the reassurance that my time, trouble and postage were not wasted!
It may be coincidence, but has anyone noticed how very few competition winners are from the north of England? When I check results now it is only to see which part of the south and home counties the winners come from. Maybe the dreadful postal service we have up here has something to do with it? If our entries are being wasted we may as well not bother.
KM is the proprietor of a business that sets xwords not only for the Telegraph, but many others.

It is the telegraph that decide Entry Date etc .....

there may be other reasons why there are so few winners from the north :-))
I would like to see an extension of the time to send the crossword. I set myself a target and send it in each week when I can, but i often wonder if it ever gets there to meet the deadline. If the results were published a week later that would surely make sense. I think entrants in the North are not represented fairly.

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contact e-mail for kate mepham please

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