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SpiderPig | 21:45 Thu 06th Dec 2007 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Has anyone got any ideas for this clue, before I just plump for one of my guesses.

24 Ac. Conyeyance delivering a travelling woman (4)


If it's conveyance meaning legal document, it could be WRIT - but it still doesn't explain the rest of the clue.

If its conveyance meaning mode of transport, it could be WAIN. I thought a WHIP was a carriage, but looking it up I can only see a definition of a carriage driver.

I also thought of whip as meaning a long thin piece of wood - Maybe a Witch's broom ?

Thanks in advance.


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Apologies if I don't reply immediately. I've got a curry to be eaten !
Hi Spider Pig!

I think you can rule out WRIT: it's not a conveyance-type of legal document.
As for the others .... from Chambers:

Whip ... a simple form of hoisting apparatus, a small tackle consisting of a single rope and block.

Waif ..... a homeless wanderer; a fashionable young woman, esp a model of extremely slender build.

Whim ... a vertical rope drum revolved by a horse, used for hoisting from shallow shafts.

&, of course, Wain

Do you know which Dictionary the TLS uses ? It might be useful to see if they have more compatible definitions.

Sorry to add to your problems!
Wain - one definition on Google is "A kind of large broad-wheeled wagon, usually covered, for travelling in soft soil and on prairies"
Question Author
Thanks everyone,

The non literary clues are usually quite straightforward, and would be in any general dictionary.

I think I'm just going to have to plump for something., probably WAIN I think.

There's been a few clues in the last few weeks that don't totally add up.

For instance, there was one clue where " extreme right winger " clued for NOZI and not NAZI

Thanks again
I've plumped for WAIN ... but am having trouble with 1 a
Borrow character from Ambrose Smith (10) --
gtfl any pointers. Tks.
1a Petulengro

In the absence of any inspiration, I too would go for WAIN, but it would be nice to understand precisely why !
Travelling Woman - Win + a?
Tks for the help on 1a.
Question Author
Thanks again everyone,

It's good to know that other people attempt this crossword.

For any Times Crossword Club Subscribers, the TLS crossword is free to enter, its worth �40, its usually quite doable and it must have less entries than the Saturday and Sunday Crosswords.

Thanks 1955, gen2 has also previously suggested that answer and explanation- this crossword is usually not so obscure.

If anyone does this crossword regularly , please post, so that we can discuss any future crosswords.

Cheers SP

Wain (author) wrote "A Travelling Woman"

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tls 720

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