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Ont-ice | 00:58 Sun 25th Nov 2007 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Why can I not see anything else on the page except the top?


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Ont-ice..Hi!!...welcome to the problem most of us have had all day!!!
I was having no end of problems on this site so I gave up and in desperation went for a few pints of that dark stuff with a white top brewed in Ireland. Since I came back, this site has loaded perfectly every time! A coincidence? Maybe. but I suggest you ty it - it gives a whole new aspect to Surfin the net.
Did you enjoy your Irish Coffee gen2??...will act as a stimulant I suppose...must have one and look at your quiz again!!!...need all the stimulation I can get!!

what are you two doing up at this hour of the night ?? perhaps gen2 has a good idea there, pauline, though I'm not into that dark stuff, it's lethal, but if that's the only way to get to Q&P we might just have to grin and bear - no drink it lol

Ummm, sorry, forgetting my manners again, Hi Ont-ices, are you both well ?? and how are things in Ont. these days ?? know me!!....
by the way ..have you heard...there's another quiz out!!! (that's just for shaneystars benefit)...don't think she knows!!!

No, I mean it. Four pints of that stuff has really made this site fly - I have refreshed the page at least half a dozen times and not once did it refuse to show me the posts.

maybe you should all try it. :-)

somehow I don't think gen was drinking coffee, pauline !!

now what's this new quiz and why are we keeping it secret from shaney ??
Pauline - are you kidding? Bad enough drinking 2 pints of Guiness but 2 pints of Irish Coffee??? It wouldn't make AB look better, it would completely obliterate it!! Maybe not such a bad idea then at the moment!!

Ont-ice - hi! I have found that if you just keep repeat clicking on Q & P it will eventually come up properly. Now I've probably put the mockers on it completely! :0)

Gotcha, pauline !! just quietly, couldn't we give 'athenae' a thump, I think he/she needs it !!
But if you REALLY want a chalenge, look no further than HERE: zles/Question473099.html

Yes..send for gen2's also..that'll keep you going!!

Seriously though...all people running charity quizes deserve support.

This is only my second one..and I hope I am doing okay...don't want to drive you all mad...and I try to respond quickly and appropriately!!..hope I don't let anyone down!
Now what happened to Ont-ice???
Question Author
I gave up in disgust. I wanted to know why it took me nearly an hour to get to the MM and KM links this morning?
When I tried tonight to see if anyone else had had that problem I just kept getting the part where it says Post and Answer etc so I posted that one hoping the Ed might see it as I can't scroll down as there's no page to scroll down and therefore I can't send her any messages.
I checked back to see if there was any change and there you all were, at least you were a short time ago.
Steff. Thanks for your query. We are well, but getting into winter and time for the long johns and knee-high boots - and you UK lot think I'm kidding.
How are things in Oz. Happy with the election results?
Ont-ice...the midnight hour page is open elsewhere if you want a chat!
just tried to get from this page to page two, what did I get, the blank page

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