Dragonfly Quiz 2...compiled by crofter!

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paulineward | 19:14 Fri 23rd Nov 2007 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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"DOUBLE DECKERS" The New Dragonfly Quiz

Consider the following cryptic clues ~ all answers begin with the letter "D"

1.Disturbed, sordid lady even she created calamity on
film (5,3)
2. Trump, for example, means nothing to cartoon
character (6,4)
3. She distressed Samson (7)
4. Town that is loved to the North (of Ripon) (10)
5. Bird of evil returns to elegant King (8)

The first two are "Double Deckers" (each word starts with the same letter), the next is a person's name, then a place name and the final one is a bird.

Interested? There are 100 similar clues in the Second Dragonfly Quiz entitled "D is for Double Decker" which contains clues to 50 Double Deckers and 50 words starting with the letter "D" (with five themed groups of 10). Copies of the new Quiz can be obtained from the organiser: Mrs Pauline Ward, 9 Hassop Road, Reddish, Stockport, Cheshire, SK5 6ST. Entry is �1 and cheques should be made payable to "Stockport NHS Foundation Trust (Dragonfly Team)" which will support the work of a local Children's Pallative Care Team nursing chronically and terminally ill children, some of whom are spending their last days in the bosom of their family wherever possible.

Don't forget to enclose a stamped addressed envelope.

You will have until the beginning of March 2008 to submit your answers and �50 has been allocated for prizes ~ including a prize for obtaining the average score and another prize for scoring below the average!

Once again, the Questions have been set by Krophta (aka crofter).

1. DORIS DAY = Anag of SORDID + even letters of LADY
2. DONALD DUCK = Donald (Trump) + Duck (0)
3. DELILAH = She cut the hair of (dis-tressed) Samson
4. DARLINGTON = Darling (loved) to N(orth)
5. DABCHICK = BAD returns to CHIC (elegant) K(ing)


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Question Author
Here it is at last ..what you have all been waiting for!!!

I really hope if you enjoyed the first one, you will be kind enough to send for this one.
If you didn't try the first one...well give this one a go...many thanks...I am sure you will enjoy it.. while helping a very worthwhile cause.
As always..many thanks Pauline x
My envelope and �1 is alredy in the post Pauline.

I look forward to receiving it
so why doesn't the compiler crofter make this posting?
Question Author
yapisle...Crofter has very kindly compiled this quiz for me, as I just would not be a match to his skills!
Crofter knew I did a lot of charity fundraising.
He very kindly donated his time and expertise to offer his services to compile these quizes for me as a fundraising activity.
The very least I can do and like to do, is organise the running of it.
Hope that explains it!!!
cheque in post tomorrow
Question Author are all stars!.
As I've said previously, I seldom bother with quizzes as I prefer crosswords, but if this one is a patch on the previous Dragonfly quiz it's a must for me ... will send for copies tomorrow.(S)
Thank you Pauline and Crofter.
My cheque and SAE will be in the post, shortly
Question Author
glad you asked your question explains the set up to everybody..I think I explained on the first quiz...but good to remind people....thanks
Money on its way. Another good quiz to look forward too, Thanks Crofter
Enjoyed the last one, pleased to hear there is a follow up, cheque in the post tomorrow.
I really enjoyed the format of the last quiz and looking forward to this new one - and a really worthwhile cause too, Pauline.
Shall join every oe else and get my cheque and SAE in post
tomorrow.Glad that closing date is long way off,shall probably need it.Thanks Pauline and Crofter
Just seen this, Pauline. This site had its knickers totally twisted all weekend as you know.

My cheque in the post - but how I miss the good old �1 note!

Best, Aq.
My cheque is on the way an I look forward to your new quiz. I did not see the first one but I like the sample questions!
If your system will cope please let me have three copies and accept the balance of my cheque as a small donation to a very good cause.

From Chris Pascall, Halifax
(full address on s.a.e.!
Question Author
Thanks so much Chris..will despatch them asap when your envelope arrives!
Love the name....that's how I like mine!!
Feel hungry now!
Looking forward to a great Dragonfly quiz. Cheque's in the post. Salty
Question Author
Many thanks Salty! Happy Christmas.

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Dragonfly Quiz 2...compiled by crofter!

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