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SpiderPig | 13:05 Wed 14th Nov 2007 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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I'm stuck on this last tiddler.

8d Biofuel makes this alcoholic ejaculation up with regular additives (4)


I'm working on ETOH as an alcoholic biofuel, but can't get it to fit the clue.

Thanks in advance.


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Looks like it could be EIOO - hidden in the clue backwards - alternate letters.
Not sure , but.perhaps ..ejaculation = OH
MTBE is an additive.. regularly TE , and up = ET
to give ETOH
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Ummm.... seems a little too convoluted. But thanks for the reply, I've got a fortnight to ponder this last clue !

Meanwhile, I'll start on The Guardian Monthly.

I agree .. Good luck, anyway !
Have to agree with Slaney -OH is chemical nomenclature for the functional group of an alcohol, E is the prefix for additives E (this)-OH = ETOH
Euoi. Anagram without the BFL.
Sorry. Not an anagram, just reading IOUE upwards.
Yes it's "EUOI" which is defined in chambers as "A Bacchic frenzy"
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Cheers Muffet
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If you've subscribed to this thread Muffet and are " still about " , I think that what stumped me was the fact that the clue broke the normal Ximenean rules,

instead of being clue DEFINITION or DEFINITION clue, it was

clue DEFINITION clue, which makes it difficult to see what you're looking for.

Thanks again for your input.

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Times Club Monthly 20086

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