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Diane1954 | 22:36 Tue 13th Nov 2007 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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22 What is the word for a person aged between 50 and 59 years old
23 Who was the 50th British Prime Minister? [Different books give different answers}
36 Where would you score 50 on Achilles? (I know this has been asked before but have we had a definate answer}



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23 I think it is John Major but I am not sure if it meant the 50th named or the 50th eg if they did it twice is this counted twice if you see what I eman
22 Quinquagenarian
Arthur Balfour i think
Question Author
Thanks slaney
yes smouse that was one name i came up with but it varies from place to place :-)
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Thanks blueroman. I also have Campbell-Bannerman. Who do I put?
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just checked 10 Downing Street web site (why didn't I go there first) and I am going for John Major
The 50th different person to be Prime Minister was John Major. But the 50th term of office (bearing in mind that a couple of hundred years ago they quite often serve just 1 or 2 years) was served by Arthur Balfour. Hope this helps.
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many thanks slaney,blue roman and smouse. That leaves the Achilles question!!!!!! LOL
The PM and the morman leader were to iffy so thats why I packed in with it.
I like definite answers - what a fussy person I am - lol
I agree with you smouse, if there's two possible answers you always end up going for the wrong one
Glad its not just me - lol
looking at this question john major was the 50th conservative p m . i thought they wanted the 50th pm
think it is Sir Henry Campbell Bannerman

Most people seem to be stuck on the Achilles one including me.

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