Guardian 24,225 (1-6) Sunday Times 4249 (7-10) Daily Mail (Nov 6) (11-14)

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Billy_Bonka | 19:06 Tue 06th Nov 2007 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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1-1a- Show contempt for the reportedly bamboozled in the area (8) 2-10d 27a- "5, I _______" give a lone cat lentil soup (21 14) (6,4,1,3) 3-4a- Order follows number and Bible story is like [solution for Saudis] (10) 4-13d- Complaint about her 5 and his etc ???R?Y / ?R?? 5-19d- Dependant buy or girl holding beast (6) ?A?S?? 6-21d- I'll fly to 14 (6) ?E?R?? 7-2d- Neat items put out in French E?T?M?N?T 8-5d- Form of massacre one day abroad (6) N?Y?A? 9-7d- Be involved in solemn promise - but have no time for sorcery (5) O?E?S 10-9d- Teach prisoner somehow to become dancer (13) ?E?D?I?H?R?A? 11-12-10A-Slave in crumbling Alps concealed in cabbages(8) C???A??? 12-1d- Pro gave nothing away in printing process(5-9) ???T? / ??G?I?I?? 13-26a-Aging tradesman adjusted adjusted increase in power(14) ???R???I?E???? 14-8d-Burden's tinier possibly? Possibly? R?????????L???


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1a district
10d 27a cannot tell a lie
4d comparable
13d cherry tree
19d vassal
21d george
The clues look a bit jumbled

the 'solution for saudis' one is arabians
Question Author
Thanks Folks.
12 Photo Engraver....anag pro gave nothing
13 Aggrandisement.....anag aging tradesmen
14 Responsibility......anag tinier possibly
12 Col laps e.......Alps (laps*) in Cole (cabbage)
Sunday Times ones -
2 down - ESTAMINET (French cafe)
5 down - NOYADE (massacre by drowning during Reign of Terror - anagram of 'one day')
7 down - OBEAH ('be' in 'oath', without 't' for 'time')
9 down - TERPSICHOREAN (anagram of 'teach prisoner')
I think half (well, threequartes of!) your trouble is that you don't have CADETSHIP for 13 across.

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Guardian 24,225 (1-6) Sunday Times 4249 (7-10) Daily Mail (Nov 6) (11-14)

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