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paulineward | 18:09 Wed 31st Oct 2007 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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The response to this first Dragonfly quiz has been amazing! Little donations still keep coming in, but so far the unit have been donated �575 from this quiz! I never anticipated making so much!! Thank you seems so inadequate, but I am sincerely grateful to each and everyone one of you. I feel really humbled with the generosity and support from you all. I marked all the sheets!!.. Then they were piled and randomly numbered into 'all correct' for the first two prizes, then the Median and Quartile prizes. As we had such a good response, we felt it ought to be recognised, so we awarded an extra prize..just for entering it! Crofter then, (over the phone,) only having numbers to select from, 'picked' the winning numbers for each section at random! The results are as follows: First Prize ..�20...Aquagility! Second Prize..�10..Mrs P Aston..Wimborne Third Prize..�10 ..P Helliar and F Fursey, Taunton Fourth Prize..�10 Mrs S Handley, Marple Random Fifth Prize..�10..J W Aylin, Twickenham Many congratulations to all winners! I will be posting answersheets back to those who sent sae's as soon as I can. I will be enclosing Crofter's explanation answer sheet with them. The Unit are absolutely delighted and intend to buy a portable light sensor machine with the money, so you have all helped many sick children. Thank you so much! It remains for me to sincerely thank Crofter. He has compiled a brilliant Quiz and given lots of pleasure to everyone! He has been so giving of his time..for the benefit of many. This was the first Charity Quiz Crofter had compiled, and I felt honoured he teamed up with me to raise funds with it. The feedback from the quiz sheets has been wonderful. I did feed most of your comments back to Crofter, but now here's your chance.... Many thanks again!


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A first class quiz by Crofter and a great deal of fun was had by all and raised a lot of money for your good cause Pauline .Well done both of you .
Aye Aye Aquagility ..congratulations
Looking forward to the next one .
Question Author
I do that makes for hard reading!! I did paragraph it and space it, but when I edited it, it must have reverted! Sorry...hope you read it okay!!!
That's brilliant. So glad you raised so much for a good cause.

Well done to all involved.

I sadly missed this one, but trust you will repeat the exercise????

Thanks Pauline for your hard work in distributing and marking this entertaining quiz ... and also grateful thanks to crofter for stretching our minds with something so well formulated.
Now looking forward to the next one. (S)
Don't panic Pauline ....we are used to your sales spiel ! Haha!
well done Pauline and crofter. I enjoyed your quiz and I'm glad you made lots of money
Thanks and congratulations to crofter and pauline, I really enjoyed the quiz, I'm not a winner but thats not what its about ...would love to see another one please!!....c
Question Author
Never shaneystar!!...and there was me thinking they'd say 'what quiz??'....hmmm! :-))
Thank you very much, Pauline, and Crofter for a most interesting quiz, raising such a large amount of money for the Dragonfly Unit.
Congratulations to all!

A splendid quiz very well set, very well marketed and good on AQ. for winning.

Roll on the next one.

As posted previously, a very interesting quiz. Good to hear you've made so much money. Look forward to next one.
Well done Aq !
Thanks Pauline and Crofter for all the hard work for such a good cause. I really enjoyed your quiz Crofter and am looking forward to the next one.
Well done too to all the other winners.
Congratulations Aquagility (and other winners too).

Well done crofter on creating an excellent quiz and Pauline for organising it and raising so much for a good cause.
So what bird was the answer to 127?

(Celtic band heard Thomas lose a Rupee at Scottish party (12)?)

Or do we have to wait for the quizzes to be returned?
Was it capercaillie? ( ceilidh ! )

I think you've lost the plot, Gen2. There was no 127 in this quiz, and your clue doesn't ring a bell either.
Thanks kettledrum that must be the one.
gen2 That's not one of my Questions!

I can't believe that I was so apprehensive about how my first Quiz would be accepted by my AB friends. The fantastic reaction has inspired me to do another!

I already have theme and a draft of 100 Questions. I intend to do the fine tuning over the month of November with a launch at the beginning of December (with several months to complete).

Many thanks to Pauline and her daughter Katie for doing the hard graft. What a team!

Thank you for all the messages of congratulation. I really think that a win for one is a win for all on here.

I think you did a great job, Crofter. And I look forward to the next one.

As for Pauline (and her team) - what can I say! The next company I set up - she'll certainly be offered the post of Sales Director.
Congratulations to all the winners and especially to paulineward and crofter for providing us all with so much fun. We thoroughly enjoyed it and are eagerly awaiting the next one. Thanks Jodder and Family.

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