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eccles | 10:25 Tue 30th Oct 2007 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Yesterday I posted 10 weekend entries(3 first class 7 second)comprising Sat tel,KM,Sunday Times, Observer
Sun Tel Cryptic & Gk,Sun Express,Herculis & two other
�500 specials & began to wonder about the cost thereof.Stamps,Envelopes & papers now about �2 each.Our Compulsive Competition Crossword Disorder
is getting out of hand.Apart from the Express �1000 &
Herculis now down to �50 there are no great prizes,although I quite like STimes Cross pens.
We do it for the honour or VANITY of seeing our names in print but it is literally years since we last won anything.
Advent of Google,this site & oneacross etc means I think
that many more people are sending in correct entries.
Shall we give it up-I doubt it


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An internet friend of mine told me recently that his wife had sent in an unfinished crossword (1 answer missing), and won one of the "runners-up" prizes of �100. It still seems to be worthwhile sending entries, but like so much else; luck plays a big part in winning.
It's good to know I'm not the only sufferer. But I've only a mild case - DTel each day and EV on Sundays.

I have three pens (and the glory). There was a �15 prize as well, and my daughter was dismayed that it was spent on another dictionary - still, her teacher was impressed that it became part of about four feet of such books!

Your motives sound familiar, but I would add that there is the mental appetite that it is absolutely vital to feed, and crosswords help the mind in the same way as a good diet (including beer) helps the body.

Can't do without them, so long live the compilers! (And the brewery.)
Like MatyDaLover I'm not quite that bad. The only ones I send in on a regular basis are all 6 of the Telegraph's crosswords ( and their monthly specials ). I've been fortunate enough to win on all the regular ones apart from Herculis. It's as my stepfather used to say, once you've posted your solution off it becomes a raffle --- and you can't win a raffle if you are not in it.
In May somebody gave me the Beeelzebub from the Independent on Sunday. The Oxford Dictionary was a very pleasant surprise.
That being said, the real pleasure for me is pitting my wits against those of the various compilers.
my husband and i do the mail on sunday -you mag-sun express -sun exp mag -big mon express and chat magazine but never win we dont mind cos its keeping our brain active we hope

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