th oldie mag genius 223

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phebe | 17:34 Sun 28th Oct 2007 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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5a full back in match circling ??ch
6d hollow thanks pennd by one small child ??i?ate
8d bishop curtailed uninteresting part ?a?i
23d i can't make up my mind if it is primate or private

I got the name of the book and all the colours but 'brain' has now shut down on the above, i would really appreciate help thankyou


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5a rich... matcH CIRcling
Rich ('full') ...h cir....
6d Imi ta te ?
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thankyou very much i just got myself into a rut only two to go now.
This is quite an old crossword now, and I couldn't remember all of the answers. It would help if you typed the right letters !!!

8dn is the pOrt of Bari .... B(ishop) and ari(d)

What is the clue for 23dn ?
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23d banker against supporting first of investors in babble

thankyou for 8d.
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re. 23d the letters i have are pri?ate

thankyou once again
private. i(nvestor) + v(ersus) in prate = babble.

I wonder if it shouldn't be Ranker (private soldier) rather than Banker, or is this one of those puzzles with deliberate spelling mistakes?
Ulysses picked up on pOrt / pArt, and it looks as if it should be Follow rather than Hollow in 6d.

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th oldie mag genius 223

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