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gordonclown | 00:18 Fri 28th Sep 2007 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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I've noticed that sometimes a few of you put comments on sites, sometimes regarding the current answer but also sometimes it is to follow-up a comment or opinion.
Like earlier when I asked for help I got the answer - great - but also spider pig made a comment about the whole site being slow - but I didn't understand it. Now, I wanted to put my question on the same site ( do you call it a site or are the individual question sites called something else? ) after spider pig's comment but I didn't know how he would know I'd added my comment because it would;nt "flag-up" like a question does, so I did it as a seperate question - like I am now. How do you know inless you neep checking all of the sites? I hope you know what I'm talking about because I think I've lost the plot.


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If you click on 'my profile' at the top left of the page yopu then get taken to another page. You can then click on 'threads i'm involved with' or 'subscribed threads' and you are taken straight to a list of those chosen sites in chronological order. So in this case spider pig could look back at your original question and see any further comments added, or if he/she had subscribed to the thread, they would get an e-mail informing them that the thread had been updated. Hope this has clarified it a little.

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re - inter-action with comments and replies

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