Everyman 3181/Independent 6532

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gordonia | 11:21 Tue 25th Sep 2007 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Everyman-15 down- Italian boy in Spanish city,on wrong road(8) ?E???R?O

Independent- 1 across- 45 degrees,round about"brown" temperature(6)
4 down- Get a buzz from this "relief" drug,acid from the chemist?(9)
5 across- Settle back on bed,held by mum from Gretna?(8
5 down- Constant peril suggested by present- day extremists?(5,2,8)

Sorry I don't have any lettersjust need a kick start. Thanks


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Leon ardo
5a S cot ti sh
5d Sword of Damocles
1a Oc tan t
4d Telephone ?
Question Author
Thanks very much K, made a mistake in my first effort,and thought I'd managed to retrieve it,not realising I'd actually submitted it! Doh! Hopefully I can now kick on with the rest of the Independent.Are you enjoying the World Cup so far,despite England's stuttering performances? They are going to have to buck up their ideas big time,otherwise I can see a final between 2 of the big 3.Anyway,off to bed now,back later. 'Bye!
Hi G. I fear England has at the most two matches left before their reign as Champions is over. They are going to get chunks knocked out of them by the Tongans, and if they survive that I think Australia will be just too good for them.

Not enjoying watching their games from behind the couch!

Regards K

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Everyman 3181/Independent 6532

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