Cyptic tour round Britain

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lamebrain | 18:48 Sat 22nd Sep 2007 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Desperately seeking help! Final entry date Sept 30th
Local Quiz Cryptic tour round Britain e.g. BLT or cheese & pickle = Sandwich
No number of letters given.

9: Fast & Nimble (Have already used Fleet for clue: Quick, lively, active)
10 Blanched shoots of an edible plant (thought this may be Leek, but very unsure)
14: A public road
24 St Philip & St James
36: Not working
38: Belonging chiefly to the past

Any ideas much appreciated


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36 Idle ..which is in Yorkshire ...hopefully
14 How about STREET (Somerset)
36 there's a place in Yokshire called Idle
Question Author
THANKS! Shaneystar, joto & novalis
I have never heard of either place shame on me!
but they both sound right; only 4 more to go :-)
14 Street (Somerset)??
Sorry to give you a dilemma ---- but 10 could be Chard.
Can't find anything for the moment for 9, 24 ( other than thier feast day is 1 May ) and 38. If I come up with anything I'll post.
24. Ratby.
Question Author
Hi Ruggief,

Novalis is 100% correct. I Googled Street in Somerset,
apparently it is where Clarke�s shoes originated. You learn something new everyday�Great!

Question Author
Ummm Novalis�Chard, green leaves treated as spinach, white stems like asparagus
Sounds more like it. If only I knew how many letters :-(

Thanks so much for your help
Question Author
Hi Marycroft,

Ratby? Is this because of the local/church link?
Presumably you are also doing this quiz, is there any help I can offer?

Hello lamebrain.I am struggling to finish this quiz,I would appreciate help with Nos.
10. 28.38.
It took me a long time to realise Ratby was the home of St Philip & St James Church.
Question Author
Happy to help Marycroft.

No 28: I have Fleet (Hampshire)

No 10: I think I will go with the suggestion from Novalis, 'Chard' rather than my original thought Leek ; all descriptions I have found for Chard actually refer to the shoots and plant as two seperate parts rather like the question.

Still struggling with 38. I will post if I have a 'brainwave'
Thanks lamebrain.I have got Fleet for no.9

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Cyptic tour round Britain

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