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endanger | 14:40 Wed 12th Sep 2007 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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8a Wood possibly scores holding one - pig! (8)

13d Charles, coming out with rot, was once a thorn in Blair's side (5,5) First word: ??A?E

11a Lots of bucks set about beginnig to deflower Heather Mooning (8) 5th letter is "L"

Many thanks


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8a Mahogany

13d Clare Short......Charles+rot

11a Dawdling......Wad< D +ling
Question Author
Thanks K - I know you enjoy the Private Eye ones!
I do indeed. The only time I get to see the clues is when you come which, unfortunately, is not very often!

Any more while I have got you?

Regards K
Question Author
ok then as it's a special occasion!

14d Fine utterances made by Archer which give access to the pri*k (5) �rd letter "i"

24d Girl clutching length, it gives rigidity to one's member (4) 3rd letter "n"
1d Month getting stuffed with endless rehashed Gore gibberish (6) 2nd letter "A"

1 Jargon......Jan +Gor(e)
24 U L na
14 Could be Flies......F (fine) + lies ( Utterances by J. Archer) = Access to !

Question Author
thanks k - I've completed it now!

here are a couple more that were good - just for you for fun:

Dotty said ice cream might help fill a small jug (8)

Pi$$poor dim rival introduced as follower of Boris (8,5)

Enjoy - and I'll be in touch soon -
Thanks E I enjoyed that. Some good old typical 'Eye' clues.

Silicone......Silly + cone (ice-cream) - fills small 'jugs'

Vladimir Putin.....Anagram dim rival + put in (introduced)

See you next time.

Cheers K
348 should be available here soon.

And if you want to check your answers, Brian Talbot always posts his solution here - html
6d is "Representative Tim became sick embracing Labour's leader" 10. The answer must be diplomatic but how do you get there? A representative is a diplomat but Labours leader is L and I can't see where Tim comes into it. Thanks
Emblematic....anag Tim became +L (labour leader)
Many thanks. I've solved the whole crossword but can't see why 25a "Brown accepting alternative work backing is 'organised persecution'" is pogrom. Pogrom is the organised persecution but can't see how the rest of the clue fits.
19 d "one mad to give you head after noon, say?" is nutter. Ok one mad is a nutter and a nut is a head but where does the afternoon fit in ? Ie how do you get ter? So annoying when you get the answer but can't see why!
19d: Say = UTTER after noon = N

25a: (Gordon) Brown = PM

Alternative = OR

Work = GO

ORGO backing = OGRO in PM

Cruciverbalist I take my hat off to you- I would never have got the explanation to 25a in a month of Sundays

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Private Eye 348

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