Wragby Quiz - 'B' People

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FoxLee | 14:21 Wed 12th Sep 2007 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Stuck on last one and going on holiday soon so if anyone can help or give a clue, I'd be very grateful.

35. Behind lice lurk clue to this American actor.

Obviously an anagram and knowing the surname begins with B, should make it easy but my brain is obviously not working.


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The anagram is Incredible Hulk - that gets you half way there
Played by Eric Bana in the film version
or Bill Bixby in the TV version
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Thanks very much for your help - why do both names have to begin with B? Now I have to decide which one to go for!
Sorry, I'm not doing this quiz myself- so I can't help you with that one !

Actually, thinking about it, the film version was just called The Hulk - which makes Bill Bixby the better answer - IMHO
Oops - didn't spot the AMERICAN bit - Eric Bana is Australian.
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Thanks a million for all your input - sorry I can't help you with any answers in return.

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Wragby Quiz - 'B' People

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