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FoxLee | 17:26 Sat 08th Sep 2007 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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You have obviously never bothered to read the rules for the Links Game. Every week one of your guesses has only 3 letters. I've pointed it out several times as have others but you presumably don't go back to the site once you have posted. It just means that you are wasting one of your guesses.


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FoxLee, you seem to get very upset when one of the contributors to the links game makes a small error. I have to say your manner is not very nice, I myself became one of your victims and was rather rudely, I thought, reprimanded. It's only a game after all and there's no need to accuse people of not reading the rules, or in my case "continually ignoring the rules". I felt quite hurt at your accusation. We do not need vigilantes on the site.
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Fine, if that's how you feel. I was just pointing out that people are wasting one of their guesses and could have another attempt. But you know what, in future I'll mind my own business and let them get on with it.
Message received Foxlee. Thank you for bringing the matter of the length of the words in the Links game to my attention - which I now understand must be at least four letters and up to eight letters in length. It will add to the fun now I know that. And there can be a reassuring lighthearted side to finding that us humans have feet of clay!
Meadow Lane you are allowed to go back and alter the one that is wrong. If you want to that is.

Thank you Jim Jools for that information - I have submitted a corrected entry.

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Message for Meadow Lane

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