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BJS | 14:13 Sat 08th Sep 2007 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Apologies for putting this on here But am totally flummoxed. Could be a mistake with the xword
12d american state , have alaska
13d part of speech, have adverb
14d radiator say, have heater
Those clues lead to 16a idler


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could your d be wrong...could be loafer
it could be loafer so maybe one of your other answers is wrong
Snap bimbo!!!
great minds think alike Dusty
Question Author
The D comes in from a clue PART OF SPEECH
20A clue is- soft fruit answer STRAWBERRY (which fits in with all the letters found ?t?a?b?r?y)
Thus the part of speech letters are
???E?B GIVING aDverb
hence the problem with loafer as a answer as the D seems correct and my confusion.
Its doing my head in to be stumped on a xword as SIMPLE as this.
dodger is another word which would fit the clue but that would throw Alaska out! Sorry BJS - hope you sort it.
BJS - I see the answer was LODGER. I think the compiler must have been having a bad hair day!! Hope you didn't lose too much sleep over it!
Question Author
I did spend a lot of time thinking of what the answer would be and like you feel the compiler was being a little bit obtuse, when I looked at the answer today.
Funny enough when I saw the letters we had for a answer LODGER did come into my mind but on lookin it up in the Oxford Dictionary only the obvious answer was given so a DODGY compiler wins.
Thanks for all the responses and to you Dustybun for today's reply.

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