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keyboardix | 17:39 Fri 07th Sep 2007 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Please can anyone help me with the following:
60. What evil shorts toured (Anagram - Non-Fiction Book Title).
64. The opening or closing line of which book - Mrs Fleming lived down the hill from Hampstead Pond in a big house with dirty windows....... etc, etc.
75. A well-known actor/film director who played Roller Hockey in Manchester (So well-known that I can locate nothing that helps !!!)
101. Y S H S ? N S E (Missing letter/word)
103. W A J M ? A J V H T (Missing letter/word)
105. M K D S M S ? S L M (Missing letter/word)
122 Logo of which company (Framed portrait greying coloured man with black bow-tie, white shirt & blue jacket) (NOT Colonel Sanders of KFC)
123. Company logo (yellow & blue boot with wing)(NOT Hermes nor Nike)
125. Company logo (black square with blue geometric pattern)(Absolutely no idea !)


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122. Uncle Ben's
123. Goodyear
That's a LOT of questions!

I don't wish to be mean, but knowing the answer and not knowing the answer is the difference between winning and losing.

I've worked very hard on this quiz, and shan't give my answers away.

A very hard picture question was given away earlier today.

I must admit when you've personally worked for HOURS on an answer and someone gives it away it is soul destroying.

Question Author
Gingerbread - Thank you for your help.

Jammydodgem - Your contribution is considered to be unwarranted and unnecessary. Do you think that you are the only one to have spent many hours on this most entertaining quiz? I suggest that you re-read the opening "Answer Bank" screen, when next you log-on, or, better still, and because of your attitude, keep off Answer Bank altogether ! I have used the site for precisely the reasons that are intended.
That's a bit rude keyboardix.

Note I was NOT rude.

Question Author
Nor was I, gingerbread. Good Night.
Jammydodgen,"winning and losing"??!!! Oh for goodness sake, Is that not what this site is all about Q and A. So why did you even look at keyboardix question? we've all ,I'm sure, worked hard on this quiz and lucky you if you don't need to ask a question....c
75. DJ Goldie??
Question Author
Thank you arjie_76 for your help.

My message above, should read: Nor was I, jammydodgem. Good Night !!
keyboardix = waster
Question Author
Message not understood, BernardHaw. Please explain its relevance.
keyboardix - not for the first time, your comments also are unwarranted. I too, like jammydodgem, have worked long and hard on this quiz and it is indeed very disappointing when answers are given away.

I have no doubt you have also spent many hours on this quiz - from the evidence before my eyes, that time has been spent on asking other people for the answers - not trying to find them yourself. Should you be fortunate to win any prize, I doubt you will be as happy to share that prize with the people who answered the questions?

There are people in life with principles and ethics. I would not dream of entering a quiz if I had not done the hard work myself - where is the satisfaction from asking others for the answers and then adding your own name to an entry sheet?

And before you and candled go on about the one question I asked before - I will remind you that I asked for a clue to one question and not the full answers to 7% of the entire quiz as you have above - and I will add that I did not enter that quiz.
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