MM Links - September - Week 1

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JoolsTwo | 09:44 Sat 01st Sep 2007 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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What a lovely weekend ... Oh! wasn't it lovely to see the sun and feel its warmth, funny how the weather can affect your whole mood. Just like Alibobs a couple of weeks ago, I have spent the weekend in London with my husband, son and daughter-in-law. We had a lovely picnic in Holland Park. I wonder how it got that name. We idled the afternoon away and then ambled home via the pub where my son and daughter-in-law introduced us to an Italian beer � amazing how many different types there are these days. Saturday night we went to a very nice restaurant where the hardest part was choosing from such an extensive menu. Backdown to earth Sunday as we needed Tube, coach, train and taxi to get home � and to find that I had hung on to my lead by the skin of my teeth to become champion of the MM game and be dubbed 'Crown Jools' for the month of September.

So now I wondered which direction should I take with my link words?

* Should I be Poetic or Lyrical?
* Bold or Casual?
* Romantic or Serious?
* Long words or small?

The choices are endless and so difficult to make.

Well it will soon be time for you to see which way I went ...

As for the everyday running of MM, I have followed the same rules as laid out by crofter on word length. Each of my chosen link words contains at least four letters and at most eight letters. Stray outside this range and you will be wasting one of your attempts!

Each link word may go in front of, or behind, my chosen word! The competition will officially close on Sunday Evening at 7.00pm, when gen2 (pp crofter) will declare my selected words and then apply the same rules for awarding points that have been applied during all MM Link Games in the past.

My first set of four words to have their links predicted should appear below at 9.00am. Happy Linking and Good Luck to you all.


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Morning all, here goes nothing:

right TURN
FAST forward
back PACK
how about
Left Handed
Right Away
Forward Looking
Back Bacon
Afternoon all Here we go again.Such a lot of different words available.Your very clever Jools!!

LEFT behind (which I probably shall be)
RIGHT side
centre FORWARD
BACK down Good luck every one.
A bit late!
1. Left overs
2. Eyes Right
3. Forward roll
4. Hunch Back.
Haven't looked at any other answers so I suppose these have all been used.
Good Morning Everyone from sunny Ontario:
Mr. O
Left Behind
Right Page
Advance Forward
Back Pack

Mrs. O
Left Overs
Right Line
Look Forward
Back Home

That's our big zilch for another week. Good luck to the rest of you.
Hello all!

Forward thinking
Journey back
Good afternoon Crown Jools for first time this month. SHAZZA�s selections are:

FAST Forward

And mine,

Right BACK
CENTRE Forward

Good luck to one and all!
left wing
right away
look forward
back number

Good Luck
<a> Meadow Lane if you meant that to be a serious entry, then you are throwing away two chances. Firstly you are trying to match Jools' chosen WORDS, not letters, and secondly, each of her chosen words is at least 4 letters long and at most 8 letters long. Please feel free to submit alternatives for your first two.
Left behind
Right handed
Forward march
Back number
Left bank
Eyes right
forward march
back hander
Left tenant .
Meatier right .
Centaur forward .
Back shish .
Well done swannbaker for an inspiring selection of last-minute links
inside left
forward march

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MM Links - September - Week 1

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