MM & KM Links August (Week 2)

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crofter | 20:17 Fri 10th Aug 2007 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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First things first!
After 42 consecutive weeks scoring MM, Mrs Crofter (Val) and I are taking a 2-week vacation in Tenerife. I shall see the reign of Alibobs through to its fourth week, but will be flying off to the Canary Islands on the last Friday of the month. Do not despair, however, because gen2 has kindly agreed to look after my abacus for me and do the honours!

Second things second!!
Tomorrow will bring the second week in the 4-week reign of Queen Alibobs and I feel that her first week was a great success. She was amused when I told her that her chosen name painted for me a picture of someone capricious and frolicsome! I may have opened Pandora's Box for all sorts of mischief-making! If so, I apologise now.

For anyone new to the Link games, "Where have you been?" Every Saturday brings two Links games ~ MM and KM! The first to kick off is KM at about 7.00-ish tomorrow morning. It is organised by seekeerz all the way from Oz. The idea is to try to predict the link words of Herculis (as many hits as possible and as early as possible).

This is followed at 9.00 by the MM Game, where the links are selected by Alibobs , who was last month's MM Champion (with a score for the month of July of EIGHT points)! Games close at appropriate times on Sunday and all entries are scored!

About 50 ABers enter each week and it's just a bit of harmless fun.
Newcomers are welcome.

Me? I'm crofter the scorer and record keeper.
I can't wait to see what Alibobs gets up to tomorrow morning!

Play fair (especially that Aquagility) & "HAPPY LINKING!"



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Laney...think we left him at the services!!!

Goodnight all!...shall sing on my own...."Show me the way to go home...I'm tired and I want to go to bed!!!...had a little drink 'bout an hour ago.........yes well all know the words!!!..sleep well!

Good to have you back Kay!....don't forget your visit!!!!
Kay...what does a duck billed platypus do???....NO FORGET IT!!!!! neighbours are worse than me...and they're over here tomorrow night!!!

Night night Barbara...and gen2 if you are still on the services....the number is 999!!! 9&messages=72

These songs will keep you awake while you drive home wouldn't be trying to have the last word(s)..would you??? :-)
Where were you????...lost in cyberspace???
Just popped in now and again - been doing other things.
Good night
Good night gen2...hope Mrs gen2 is properly better now!!
Question Author
And crofter watched from behind a bush until all the little ones were fast asleep!
Can I say that, from a newcomers point of view, you are all slightly bonkers .... is this what quizzing does to you?!?
only slightly bonkers Ally? we are all completely bonkers.
Thanks for getting me home in time for work today Pauline, you must have tipped me out at the right address as I found myself here when I woke up
While the weather is good we should hire the coach more often, do a mystery tour?
jan don't have to be mad to join us....but it helps!! You are very welcome aboard!...see you in the shrubbery next Friday night!!! :-)
Morning Crofter--sorry about your in box.
You can have what's left of the pickled onions, I don't think I want to see another one for some time!
;o) B
Of course! Just realised this will have all gone to poor Crofter's mail box!!....Sorry!!!....I'm not really...just looks good! :-)
Would have loved to join the party - friends round for dinner - then the mess to clear up. Mind you all this talk of fairies etc. Are there fairies at the bottom of S's garden, or were you all just in the mind's eye, after you'd finished imbibing. (Apologies Crofter, my first and last post on this thread, promise)
Crofter, have a great holiday the both of you. Sure you will get some sunshine there! Best wishes from both Shazza and self. Look forward to your safe return and back to the score sheet!!!!

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MM & KM Links August (Week 2)

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