MM Links Solution August Week 1

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crofter | 19:03 Sun 05th Aug 2007 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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This first week of the reign of Queen Alibobs went like a dream (not a nightmare) with a cleverly constructed theme of "Who am I?". I can now reveal the chosen Link Words of Alibobs were as follows:

Answer PHONE

With hindsight, I think I can pick out a few subtle hints in the preamble ~ but nothing obvious!

More text to follow!


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Ditto A...Thought I might have done better with Alibobs! Oh well!!!
ditto and aarrgghh - I had high hopes which have all been dashed.. still there's always next week.
Thanks to Queen Alibobs and Count(er) Crofter for all the hard work.
Question Author
Well, the scoring was brisk but widely scattered and no-one scored more than TWO Points. The Shrubbery Squad struck gold yet again but they did not have it all their own way! After a brief spell , ex-champion cliffyg hit home with a RIVER BANK to score the first Two Points with sarumite, rogerr, Pebbles & patchett all in his 2-minute wake to pick up these Two Points as well!

While this was unfolding, a second bean feast was started by Jools with her ANSWERPHONE and another two entrants ( FoxLee & freebie 2) followed close behind with the same link to also score TWO Points.

A few minutes later, shrewd lysander predicted LINKS COURSE and later still gen2 scored TWO Points for BEAUTY QUEEN!

Others to score TWO Points for two delayed Hits were devadiva, wickedtongue & pollyspeed. Which of these several Two-pointers should be named �Hot Shot of the Week�? That�s a difficult one to call, but I think it should go to new-comer pollyspeed for making such a good start at MM Linking!

This is crofter signing off for another week.
See you next week: Same time � Same place

Until then: HAPPY LINKING!

Crofter, would a bottle of your favourite single malt get me just one little point next week?
Maybe I have clicked at long last. :-)
Well doneto everyone who scored...and managed what I couldn't!!!
Well done pollyspeed...and welcome!!! :-)
Well done, Alibobs - certainly bamboozled me and congrats. to all who scored, especially Pollyspeed.
Well done, Poppyseed - sorry Pollyspeed - and welcome to AB.
OK, So what can be deduce from this?

a) Alibobs is a Beauty Queen
. . . . (watch out for fashion statements next week)

b) Alibobs is a golfer
. . . . (so why didn't I see her at St Andrews this week?)

c) Alibobs loves animals
. . . . (but is she a Ratty, Mole, Mr Toad or Mr Badger?)

d) Alibobs is a technophobe
. . . . (Why hasn't she upgraded from an answerphone to BT Callminder?)

So, how does all this help us next week?
Your idea is as good as mine.

Thanks Alibobs and Crofter - same time same place - until then, cheers for now.
well I was right with beauty Queen, pity I was delayed in putting my choices on, heres to next week when I will be on the dot of 9am!
thanks Crofter and alibobs
I thought that at the very least I would get an Honourable Mention for finally getting one correct answer!!!!! It would have been encouragement to try for two next week, three the next etc., But no, not a squeak even though none of the winners had more than two so surely my lonely one was worth a nod? It's not like I'm asking for the moon. Nearly over it with delight though 'cos I finally scored. Gad! Little truly does amuse the innocent (and if anyone says 'and far less the fool') I'll have them banned from the site.
Thanks Alibobs for allowing me to score and to dear Crofter who found that little gem of a 'one' in among the hard hitters. This calls for a drink!
Well gen 2 you are my particular hot shot for being the first to make a reference to beauty queen!!! The knighthood's in the post! Unfortunately I cannot play golf, am indifferent to animals and an definitely a technophobe

Well done and welcome to Pollyspeed!

But my real knight in shining armour has to be Crofter - he is the real heir apparent and has made my intro to link setting a real pleasure! Long live Crofter - and all who sail in him!!!
Well well well--Answer Bank Links Queen!!!!! So clear when you see all the words together.I think my 2 points will
be the lot somehow.Thanks Alibobs and crofter.
Thank you Patchett - you were so nearly me!!!
Well that's really not on Alibobs ... when I slipped you that tenner, I expected info on all of the links .. not just the one .. and now that's my pocket money gone for the rest of the month !!! :o(

The usual wiz report of course from that man Crofter .. we salute you!!

Now it looks as if I need to find another way of bribing Queen Alibobs !! choccies? flowers? .. no! ... oh well I can but try!!

bleeeerrrrrrrr !!!!!!

congrats to all the clever souls who did manage to read between the lines or where ever it was that they found inspiration - I'm still looking
I do,nt usually do well in MM competition.Ihad to go for links course as both St Andrews and Carnoustie have been on the television recently and I was born and brought up close to both. I have to admit I have only putted there!!
Since getting four, one week I have scored zero ever since so this week I have broken my duck with one in KM and two in MM. Must be the sun!!
Well done everyone.

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MM Links Solution August Week 1

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