Dragonfly Quiz....compiled by Crofter!!! (so it should be good!!)

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paulineward | 18:54 Fri 03rd Aug 2007 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Consider the following cryptic clues ~ all answers begin with the letter "B"

1. Place associated with "The Wash"? (4)
2. Beer - not mild to the North (7)
3. Biblical character has female graduate chasing No.1 (9)
4. We are embraced by brother often blamed for droop! (6)
5. Vanessa is a painted lady, perhaps (9)
6. Prefers to grow by the coast, by all accounts (5,4)

One answer is a bird, one an occupation, one a creature, another a person's name, another a plant and the final one is a city (in some order).

Interested? There are 100 similar clues in the Dragonfly Quiz entitled "The Birds and the B's" and copies can be obtained from the organiser: Mrs Pauline Ward, 9 Hassop Road, Reddish, Stockport, Cheshire, SK5 6ST. Entry is �1 and cheques should be made payable to "Stockport NHS Foundation Trust (Dragonfly Team)" which will support the work of a local Children's Hospice. Don't forget to enclose a stamped addressed envelope.

You will have until the end of October to submit your answers and �50 has been allocated for prizes ~ including a prize for obtaining the average score and another prize for scoring below the average!

Questions have been set by Krophta (aka crofter)

Crofter has very kindly and generously given of his precious time to do this for me, your support would be very gratefully received.

Thanks ..Pauline

Thanks very much also for those who have already sent for it, I posted quite a few this evening.


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2) Bitter
3) Bathsheba
5) Butterfly
Question Author
Do you want to try another 100??? :-)
Hit me.....

2) is BitterN

How can you solve 3) without getting 1)?
hua kola

WE are embraced by BRER (brother) = BRE(WE)R (yes)
Question Author
Hau kola...I will 'hit' you for a � if you like??....send for the quiz!!!
Just made cheque out Pauline,will be in the post in the morning.
Sorry can't concentrate properly at the moment, going through a bit of a family crisis this week.On here trying to take my mind off it a bit.
Question Author
Thanks Val...hope all is well soon! Keep your chin up!!
Thank you for your kind words Pauline.
Will do.

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Dragonfly Quiz....compiled by Crofter!!! (so it should be good!!)

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