Birds. birds, birds

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Pebbles | 08:48 Mon 30th Jul 2007 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Any clues much appreciated. Answers are all birds :-)

16) Similar to Auks (4)
18) Insider so railed (4)
48) Merganser (7)

Thank you as always.


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could 16 be SKUA ?
18. Rail
Question Author
I think 18 has to begin with S.....but thanks for the suggestions.
48 Sawbill?
18. Insider SO RAiled Sora xx
48. Sawbill xx
Anyone help with ...
57. Piling protecting a bridge pier beg R S or T (8)
80. Is this useful in the rain ? not sure what begins with
(12 or 13) xx
80. umbrella bird
80. umbrellabird?
57. starling. another meaning (see Chambers) - piling protecting a bridge pier.
Question Author
Thank you everyone, that's another one finished and put to bed !!!

Thanks kettledrum and truckersue

Now why didn't I google umbrella as is was the obvious word to try ... shame on you EK
Now I remember ... starling and bridge question appeared on another quiz a while ago. xx

Pebbles ... this one is only opening the bedroom door at the moment ! Will persevere for a bit before the begging begins. xx
Question Author
OK know where we are !!!!!!

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Birds. birds, birds

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