Dingbat help, please

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Trussell | 00:41 Thu 26th Jul 2007 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Any ideas for MARY
There is no space between Mary and the first line. it could be a word or a phrase. I'd be very grateful for any help, please


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Is this from tickled pink?
If so have you done 14 or 16
Question Author
Thank you Phil7 Obvious when you know the answer!

Yes, smouse, it is - I have Triple Roll Over for 14 (Lottery?)

and I know you like clues - so to set u off - there are 4 shops and a u dropped below

As there is plenty of time at the mo (unless like me, you're away soon) I'll let you think a bit, but will tell u if you are stuck
Thanks for that I had three times over and knew it wasnt right but once you get an idea in your head it sticks

I had seen the four shops but no ideas - dont worry as you say there is still plenty of time
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not sure the 4 is relevant - isn't it shop until you drop?
Thats what I had just put - funny isnt it how the penny suddenly drops.

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Dingbat help, please

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