KM Links Game - June week 5 & final Results

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seekeerz | 09:27 Mon 02nd Jul 2007 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Yes, well we've had better weeks - spoilt for choice, that was it !!!! so spoilt that no - one picked up points for Hand Bell and very few picked up points anywhere.
DizzyLizzie snapped up bonus points for Exit Poll,
slaney likewise for Strong Point, plus 1 extra, and paulineward took the last bonus point for Cape Primrose.

Several entries selected Exit Poll and scored 1 point each and that was more or less that - bit of a fizzer really !!!

So at the end of June wickedtongue rules [again] with 13 points- Congratulations yet again.

Following him are DizzyLizzie & lysander each with 10 points and next are slaney & crofter both with 9 points - very well done

and in closing I would like to nominate a HOT SHOT for the month - the efforts of MalcolmR who as a newcomer managed a more than creditable score of 7 which included 3 sets of bonus points, very well done and belatedly, welcome aboard !!!

Ok back to square one next weekend, clean slate and all that and good luck to us all, see you then, Steff


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Tought I might have done better here but I claim the booby prize with nul points again !! Well done to wicked tongue.
Thanks Seekerz for the imput , have joined Devadiva in the running for the booby prize . very tough to match those I thought . Ah well - always next week ! Well done to those that did score .
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oh no you don't, dd, you had a very good month with a total of 5 and I'm sorry, I should have included your spectacular effort in week 2 with all four correct so will rectify that now

In addition to the HOT SHOT of the month above, we must congratulate devadiva for managing a clean sweep of all four matches and nominate her for an equal award
I must have my daft head on today because I only got all four once - a couple of weeks ago which was a complete fluke. Have had my hands full with my husband in hospital but he is home now and hope the brain (?) will soon be back into gear.
Thanks Seekeerz for all the work, although it appears to have been quite a light load this week; and thanks too to the early birds who put their reputations on the line when working out the link words for us all.
As usual I wasn't among the scorers but had fun thinking I was going to cover myself in glory until reality kicked in.
I shall be away for several weekends in July and August, but intend to put in a serious challenge in September!!
Thank you seekeerz and welldone wickedtongue!
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Hi there, kettledrum & Alibobs - think we can call June a 'resting month' [ trouble is, each one is a resting month for me !! ] Enjoy your time away, kd, we'll be thinking of you and look forward to September to have you back.

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KM Links Game - June week 5 & final Results

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