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gen2 | 09:46 Sat 16th Jun 2007 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Good morning folks. It hasn't been a good week chez gen2. On Monday, my wife went into hospital. She saw 3 doctors who wanted to cut a limb off (I jest. It was just her gall-bladder). The ward was full of sick people. The woman in the next bed was in quite a bad way, she was so jaundiced she reminded me of that wharf down in London and the woman on the other side looked as if she had just done 15 rounds with Cassius Clay - she wasn't just b&b but all the colours of the rainbow and some in-between as well.

There were problems too with the cat on Thursday. After polishing off his breakfast of a seafood platter, he went to sleep it off in the laundry basket on top of Mrs gen2's underwear. Have you any idea what damage claws do to stockings? Then to cap it all, I heard the retching sound of a hair ball being ejected. (My sincere apologies to those still having breakfast, but if you take this game seriously, that should have been over long ago.)

Enough of my problems. Your problem is to suss what link words I have chosen, but first you will have to wait 15 minutes to find what to link them with (unless you can pre-empt me). Will I go to town? or country? or share my time between the two?




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Evening all, mega internet problems here, awaiting an engineer to call. By now all my original choices have been taken so have had a re-think.

Apple TREE
FISH bait
BELL ringers .
Good wishes for a speedy recovery to those on the sick list.
Tree fern
Butcher bird
Flying fish
Liberty bell
Been out all day...Fathers Day!...(that's every day isn't it??)
Reg is logging a 'late' entry...not had time to check for 'repeats', so here's hoping!...

INDIGO Bird???!!!..yes well!

Hope you all had a good weekend!

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MM Links June 2007 Week 3

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