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gen2 | 09:46 Sat 16th Jun 2007 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Good morning folks. It hasn't been a good week chez gen2. On Monday, my wife went into hospital. She saw 3 doctors who wanted to cut a limb off (I jest. It was just her gall-bladder). The ward was full of sick people. The woman in the next bed was in quite a bad way, she was so jaundiced she reminded me of that wharf down in London and the woman on the other side looked as if she had just done 15 rounds with Cassius Clay - she wasn't just b&b but all the colours of the rainbow and some in-between as well.

There were problems too with the cat on Thursday. After polishing off his breakfast of a seafood platter, he went to sleep it off in the laundry basket on top of Mrs gen2's underwear. Have you any idea what damage claws do to stockings? Then to cap it all, I heard the retching sound of a hair ball being ejected. (My sincere apologies to those still having breakfast, but if you take this game seriously, that should have been over long ago.)

Enough of my problems. Your problem is to suss what link words I have chosen, but first you will have to wait 15 minutes to find what to link them with (unless you can pre-empt me). Will I go to town? or country? or share my time between the two?




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oak TREE
calling BIRD
angel FISH
BELL tent
Gen2 I know how nasty gallbladder problems are - had mine removed a few years ago and was much better after. Love nd prayers to your wife.
Devadiva - - Sorry to hear your husband is in hospital. Please send him my regards and say he's in my thoughts and prayers
Good Morning!!!

Tree House
Bird Brain
Fish Cake
Bell Ringer
Question Author
lysander. If you are still around lysander, your entery of 'Christmas' is 9 letters. Words must be from 4 to 8 in length.

To all those who have expressed good wishes towards my wife - Thank you, I will pass them on. She is home and recovering well though obviously feeling sore.

Willow Tree
Bird Bath
Gold Fish
Bell Wether

See if I can manage to break my long consistent streak !!
Not likely !!
Morning Gen, so sorry to hear about your wife and hope she is recovering well. Here we go, late as usual,
Tree Bark
Bird Song
Sword Fish
Bell Tower
ROWAN tree
DOLLY bird
Gen2 - I am sorry to hear about your wife. I always appreciate the effort all the Links setters make to ensure that we all have an amusing start to the weekend, but I'm especially grateful to you this weekend when you've got so many other things to think about and do.
My choices - having decided to be sensible for a change -
Tree house
Early bird
Tropical fish
willow tree
bird table
fish knife
bell tower
Good morning everyone

What a nasty selection 1,000's off possible links

Fruit Tree
Black Bird
Jelly Fish
Dumb Bell
Beech Tree
Bird House
Fish Bowl
Dinner Bell
family tree
bird brain
fish face
alarm bell
Good Morning All.
Hoping Gen2 that your wife makes a speedy recovery.
Hope Gen Puss is OK now too
Devadiva wishing your husband a speedy recovery.

Here are my guesses for today:-

Palm Tree
Humming Bird
Sword Fish
Blue Bell

and for David Masterchef:-

Shoe Tree
Bird Song
Fish Eagle
Bell Push

Good luck to one and all!!

Hi, back from my hols,

Tree Trunk
Bird Table
Tropical Fish
Tubular Bell

Good luck to you all
Hi all

Jools selection

Fish - BOWL

Jim's selection

Tree - HOUSE
Bird - TABLE
GOLD - Fish
HAND - Bell
tree stubs
bird cage
fresh fish
school bell
family tree
humming bird
cuttle fish
Lloyds bell
Good Morning all from sunny DRY Ontario.
Best wishes to Mrs G2, Mr Devadiva. Hope they will both be well soon.

Here goes with our choices for this week.
Mr. O.
Fish Hook
Church Bell

Mrs. O
Rowan Tree
Bird Feathers
Fish Paste
Liberty Bell.

Good Luck to all.
Thank you FOXLEE.I will drop one letter and make it

Sorry gen2 and crofter for making extra work.

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