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Ont-ice | 20:32 Tue 05th Jun 2007 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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If you are there Kayakamina, I am stuck in bottom left-hand corner.
20D or 21A might help me.
20D. Trouble has sprung up in plant (6)
21A. Set out from Scottish island, extremely game. (7)
Thank You


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Hi O-ice

20d Dahlia.......Had< + ail<

21 Arrange....Arran +ge (extremes of Gone)
That should have been 'extremes of game' but it is still GE.

The 20d clue actually read HAD not has- maybe just your typo or could explain why you were stuck for the answer.

Cheers K
Question Author
No. It said 'had' but I continued to read it as 'has.' The eye can deceive.
However, I now had to change my 15D. and am left with
r?f?r???e for Respect judge touring North Carolina (9)
Also, I have for 5D. Walter Pidgeon. I haven't a clue as to why except that the letters fitted and the name rang a bell. What has he got to do with Duck Soup which I thought was the Marx Bros?
Am I correct with reasoning for 4A. W=wife soon=quickly and ing=gin (backwards) all together giving Swooning?
Question Author
PS. I have Lords Temporal for 17A (anag of petrodollars +m) so that gives me the R for 15D.
Walter Pidgeon-

Duck = Widgeon
Soup finally= P
Change= alter

W alter P idgeon

15d Reference-

Judge= Referee around NC (North Carolina)= Reference -Respect
Your logic for 4a swooning is immaculate!
Question Author
And I did have Reference and for the reasons you have just given. I really did make a muck-up of this corner. I thought my 'reference' was incorrect because I can't find a narow mark or a vessel with A?n?r.
Clive will not be so proud of me this week!!!!!!!
No it is Liner....the L from Dahlia
Question Author
I appreciate your help. I really have too many other matters on my mind at the moment - death in the family, etc - so should chuck it in for the day. I thought doing the crossword would occupy me but I'm obviously not concentrating.
Thank you so much.
O-ice I am sorry to hear your news. I hope the few minutes we did spend talking about the crossword helped a bit.

Mrs E told me yesterday that C had a better day so here's thinking of you both!

Regards K
Question Author
You are very gracious.
Thank you.

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