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novalis | 19:05 Sun 03rd Jun 2007 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Have the ( mutilated ) quote "My spelling is wobbly. Letters get in the wrong....... ( places ) and the speaker, Winnie The Pooh. Still need ten answers and am going back to it in a moment. What is awkward is putting the letters in the "wrong places". Eg 26D is hadjis and there are two uncheked letters. Putting the first letter last might resolve that but it doesn't work elsewhere.


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What about JADISH for 26d!
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Thanks for that Crofter. Didn't have much time last nigh but am down to 9 needed now.
I need 5 or 6 to complete ~ mostly in the bottom right corner. However, I have abbreviations entered at both 20a and 22a (the preamble said only ONE).

Can you confirm 34a is TRUSTS (or is it STURTS)?

Needed are 19a, 31a, 17d, 28d & 32d!
Done! I have an answer for 31a, but I am not 100% sure why. All the others are solid!

I'll keep looking back here to see how you're doing.
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Thanks for your invaluable tip in your first posting. Thanks to that I was able to complete it earlier. 31A has to be Amerind ( but I still can't figure out why! ) which anagrams to inarmed. 20A ( dso ) is an alternative spelling for zho
( a hybrid type of domestic cattle ).

Hope one of us is successful ( and, if neither, then another ABer.

Happy solving.
Thanks for explaining DSO!

I had INARMED, but not AMERIND (AMERican INDian). This was new to me. However, the war-club is MERI and this is captured by (B)AND, which explains the derivation.

Good Luck!
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Amerind occurs at odd times in EV. Thanks for the explanation as to why it was that.

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