MM Links Solutions June 2007 [Week 1}

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crofter | 20:00 Sun 03rd Jun 2007 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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I can now reveal the chosen Link Words of gen2 and they are:

Ground SWELL

Very rural!

All four links were eventually predicted, but there were no additional bonus points under the two-minute rule and precious few points awarded anyway! Don't worry, this is a five-week month, so you'll have plenty of time to tune in to the thoughts of the Laird of the Links!



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Gen2 Y fronts with a kilt? shame on you!
Gen2 ...I know you said no further correspondence, but you I think I'd noticed how un-rural all the choices had been, although I didn't recognise it as such at the time.
You may have noticed that I have my own approach to this game (NOT recommended for anyone who seriously wants to win!). Having been given the words, I try to think up half a dozen or so possible links for each of them. Then I go through what everyone else has chosen and strike out those that have already been selected which usually leaves me with very limited options: sometimes I have to think again & sometimes (very rarely) I even have to go with the flow.
But yesterday I was left with 5 of my original 6 choices to go with YARD - (barn, farm, stable, brick & rick). This was such a surprising event that I actually felt moved to comment on it (somewhat obliquely and without any detail).
This also left me with a bit of a dilemma: I had to make a decision! Although I picked the right one I'm glad to hear that you have back-up words in case your first choice isn't picked.
No Jan, Those were Y-fronts WITHOUT a kilt.
(I have to hide my modesty somewhere)
At least I'm consistant - Zero once again. Well done to all the scorers and to Gen2. Lets see if I can do better next week. :-(
What a atart to June,NIL points!!Never mind I can only get better.Well done all the point winners,and better luck to the rest of next week.
Congratulations all of you. The Keat's poem brought back happy childhood memories .
Thanks Gen2.

Bleeerrr, well at least I'm consistant - but there's a ray of hope, my yard broom proves there's a hint of the rural in me !!!

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MM Links Solutions June 2007 [Week 1}

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