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chasnoel | 15:34 Sun 03rd Jun 2007 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Where were all you brainboxes yesterday? I mean Aquagility, Sarumite, Jimjools et al when i was scratching my head in despair and no one else asking the questions to which I was seeking answers. I always thought when I got stuck, I just came on here and there were the answers, but not this time. I had to wait until today to get my last two answers. Stick around tomorrow for Herculis please guys.


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It's not just yesterday chasnoel.

Have a look at this link and follow the links within: zles/Question414063.html

There's a revolt going on and clearly not without good reason.

There are many great, good and helpful people in Q&P and I sincerely hope they'll remain with us.
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Thank you Neuron. I have read all or most of the material and am duly surprised at the attitude of those who run The AnswerBank
Hi chasnoel .. I have not left Answerbank , and was on line during yesterday morning, but was busy gardening and watching rugby during afternoon and evening. Aqua may have been working on his boat in readiness for holidays.

However, It's nice to know that somebody missed me !
best wishes (S)
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Good to know you are still here Sarumite. You have no idea how maqny times I have picked your brains over the past few months as I do it stealthily

Have no fear, chasnoel. "The other place" is fine for gossip and a bit of fun, but we will never desert AB. It's just that the fine weather tends to lure us (me anyhow) away a little more.
If I may add that it's great to know that both Aquagility and sarumite are still with us.
I'll second that. I was beginning to get worried!
Golly - I missed something? I have just signed up to Maizie's MB (quite a feat for this old brain) but had to choose a new pen-name, so if you see Bunyip081 you'll know it's me.

Bless you all for your help (past, present and future).

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