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Ont-ice | 21:12 Wed 30th May 2007 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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I need 25A Band from Arkansas (Harrison) 4 s?s?
Mr E is back in hospital, perhaps you already knew?
I have for 2D RANKELS but I don't know why. Would you please explain.
Also 19A. Catcall. I know that a whistle is a catcall and a container is a catch-all but why the hospital.
I would appreciate your explanations.


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25a Sash - in the clue
If K doesn't respond tell us the clues and I'll have a go. Sorry to hear about Mr. E.
Hi O-ice 2d Rangers...R (referee initially) angers (infuriates) = Rangers- Football team

I didn't know about 'C '. Wille-mail Mrs E! Thanks for telling me.

Cheers K
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2D. Clue Referee initially infuriates football team. (7) I have RANKELS.
19A. Clue. Whistle found in storage container hospital left out. (7) I have CATCALL.

Sorry Catcall.....Catchall Without H (hospital)
Question Author
Thanks K for 2D.
I'll let Christiana tackle 19A.
Okay with you both I hope?
Question Author
Again thank you K.
Hope C gets home for his birthday on Friday.
PS. I think I need a list of UK football teams. :-)
Nice thought 0-ice, but K's usually too fast for me!
Question Author
The Lord still loves a trier, Christiana.
K is too fast for all of us.

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