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novalis | 16:28 Mon 28th May 2007 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Have worked out ( but need a couple of answers to confirm ) that the extra letters spell out "Dorset ordnance survey landranger maps thinlk that maps is final word - have -a-s )but am struggling with the various answes from which letters are removed before entry. Solved only one ( 5A kingpins - but can't decide which of the last four letters has to be omitted ).
Any help/pointers would be appreciated.


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The answer to 5ac isn't kingpins novalis;
it is Kingston. "Rendition of song by relatives" is kingson so that the missing letter is "t".
I think that I have a couple of others (1ac and 1dn) but it's proving hard work
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Thanks for that. I'll go back to it with that in mind -- As you say, it is proving difficult.
i've almost cracked it !
They are all villages in Dorset which are prefixed by the eleven letters required (ten clues plus the central square). I have eight of them, but I must have a break now ; they're doing my head in !! I'll be back tomorrow.
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Many thanks for your help. I've now been able to finish it.
All are villages prefixed by Winterborne and the unclued letters + B in centre square spel out Wintrerborne.

Answers in clue order with omitted letters in upper case are:-
hOughtOn: kingsTon ( thanks again for that ): moNktoN:
mustoN: clEnston: Whitechurch: st. maRtin: heRRingston;
stIckland: zElston. ( Sorry clue numbers are A. 1, 5,15,22,27,39,40 and D. 11,15. )

Hope that helps.

Happy solving.
Thanks novalis ; I managed to complete it this morning, though Muston took a while to find !
Good luck with your entry.
Question Author
Best of luck to you as well Ulysses 100. One thing I should have added to my previous posting is that the title "Tomcon Came Too" refers to the villages of Winterborne Tomcon and Winterborne Came. That's all the loose ends tidied up ----- until EV 761!!!
ulyssess100 & novalis
I had all but given up on this one but thanks to your thread have completed it, many thanks to you both mm

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