Grahams Celebrity Cryptic Quiz

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macker7170 | 10:45 Thu 24th May 2007 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Can any one help?

1. Smudged Fruit
2. Cushion on a block of metallic ice
3. Funny cavity in the ground
4. My religious beliefs
5. almost an italian clothes company
6. Effeminate farther
7. Underground shaft full of mercury
8. Penis gained a ford car as a prize
9. Invoice for cattle
10. A local area network boy


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10 Alan Ladd
6. Puff Daddy <if it's Father and not Farther>
8. Willy Wonka
5. was previously answered as Ben Elton <Beneton>
2 Whoopi Goldberg
I note that you are a newcomer to the site and as such are welcome.
May I just caution you however that you could alienate members on this site if it is perceived that you are abusing their generosity.
You have requested assistance with 47 questions in five posts over a short space of time and if it felt that you are not making any effort yourself or are thought to be taking the **** you will not be well received.

Thank you and good luck

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Grahams Celebrity Cryptic Quiz

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