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FoxLee | 21:00 Mon 07th May 2007 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Can I please have some help with the following two?

86.Politicians who ascend a bit deviously (6.7)

69. Formation of Greek soldiers appear on foot - and are always on hand! The only Greek soldiers I can think of are hoplites and Evzones.

Could someone also confirm whether 13....then set light to the litter begins with a T?

Many thanks.


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Forgot to put that 69. has 7 letters in the answer
Will no doubt get taken to task as a I was earlier tonight for 'giving away' answers but here goes.
86) Anagram - deviously gives you the clue for this. Answer is a certain group of politicians
I'm still stuck on 69) I have an answer but not really satisfied with it.
Not strictly a Greek soldier but more an aspect of Greek warfare tactics.
69 try bones in the feet and hands.
OMG.....all those soldiers on my pheet.
Re bthbns' earlier post I've not done a rainbow quiz before but the recent Children of Fiji quiz was won with 97, despite the number of postings giving both clues and answers, so that quiz at least didn't end up with a lottery
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The different clues have had my head spinning and most puzzling was brokenbank and his spelling pheet. The penny has just dropped so thank you very much.

Now back to these devious politicians!
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Glad the penny dropped......... as mentioned, 86 is an anagram to cast some light on it.
Yes, hope you don't stay in the dark over this.
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Thank you all so much for your help. I'd been trying anagrams but had not chosen the right group of words. Suddenly it all became clear, the shadow passed.

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