A few more Ditloids

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711 | 13:33 Wed 02nd May 2007 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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36 B K on a P., 8 S R of S F., 8 B in a B., 4 C in a S-B.,1492 C S S., 617 D B S., 1001 C a B B C., 5 L in a L., 100 Y R (R the O O T)., 15 B on the C S., 6 B in an O., 12 M or N. Thanks.


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8 bits in a byte

1001 cleans a big big carpet (very old advert)
5 lines in a limerick

6 balls in an over
36 black keys on a piano
8 square root of sixty four
617 dambusters squadron
4 crotchets in a semibreve
1492 Columbus Set Sail
12 Midnight or Noon
100 Yellow Ribbons ( Round the Old Oak Tree )

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A few more Ditloids

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