MM Links Game 2007 March [Week 5]

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wickedtongue | 09:45 Sat 31st Mar 2007 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Welcome to you all on Week 5 and the end of the reign of wickedtongue. The one who takes my crown must prove that they are worthy of that honour. Will cliffyg falter and be usurped by new-comer Pebbles or will they both be overtaken by the closely following ulysses or rogerrabbit? Queen Barbara was not a "happy bunny" to relinquish the throne! My fifth and final set of four words to have their links predicted should appear below at 9.00am and you are invited to predict the missing links. I shall try to play fair and hit the launch time. The title of the challenge this week will be "F Words" Once again I have followed the same rule as crofter on word length. Each of my chosen link words contains at least four letters and at most eight letters. Stray outside this range and you will be wasting one of your attempts! The competition will officially close on Sunday Evening at 7.00pm when crofter will declare my selected words and then apply the same rules of awarding points that have been applied during earlier weeks.


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Good morning everyone.
I choose for this week.

First Choice
April Fool
French Toast
Fish Story

SWAMBO (Mrs O) chooses

First Kiss
April Fool
French Wine
Fish Wife

I wish to all Good Luck
My guesses for this week are:-

First class
Fool hardy
French kiss
Gold fish

and for David Masterchef:-

First degree
Fool around
French stick
Fish pond

Good luck everyone.
Well done Wickedtongue, we have thoroughly enjoyed your choices and appreciate your hard work also that of CrofterXX
Reg has just got in..and would like to guess...

First LADY

Rubbish eh????.....ssshhhh!
first foot
french leave
fish wife

good luck
Here's mine for this week:

French FRIES
Just returned from a holiday, so will try these:
FIRST light
April FOOL
FRENCH fries
Hi everyone

Fruit FOOL
FISH Paste
ladies first
prize fool
french vermouth
tropical fish
Sorry, Crofter ! May I reconsider, please? I think my choice of 'Ladies first' is a bit too close to Reg Ward's 'First Lady' for my comfort !
So....could I now go for twenty first.
kettledrum Your "re-think" is accepted.
Good Luck to all!


RESULTS to be posted on a NEW SITE

Who will claim the APRIL LINK CROWN?
Hello, I�ve found my way back just in time to see Wickedtongue�s final glory (and to limber up for the new month ahead)! My attempts are:

FIRST degree
fruit FOOL
FRENCH letter
FISH cake
Here are my (hopeless) predictions:

First nowell
April fool
French kiss
Fish fingers

A great big thank you to Wicked Tongue for this month's puzzles, as ever they have been thought-provoking and lots of fun.
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Haven't looked at any others as there's so many and I know there are rules covering any eventuality!

first choice
fool proof
French mustard
fish kettle

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MM Links Game 2007 March [Week 5]

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