MM Links Game March [Week 4]

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crofter | 20:04 Sun 25th Mar 2007 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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I note that you lot didn't score too highly with Body Parts, Mother's Day or Horse Racing, but come to Booze and you're scoring hand over fist.

The chosen words this week are as follows:


To carry out the scoring I had to put the abacus into overdrive.

It started with Pebbles, who came in with a double whammy with Rum Punch and Whisky Galore at 09.02. Rum Punch proved to be a great favourite with Alibobs, Aquagility, cliffyg and Jools all coming in within two minutes to pick up bonus points. There's more!

Also picking up points for Whisky Galore were Christiana and burgess. At 09.03 the first Beer Belly appeared, thanks to Aquagility (again). Also carrying Beer Bellies were Arabesque and Magyar, not to mention the brother and sister team burgess and evsajo.

The final link word to fall was down to sarumite with his Wine Tasting. He was Entrant #10 and clocked in at 09.03. I have never seen as many bonus points going in such a short time!

The top scorers of the round on four points were Pebbles, Aquagility and burgess. Close behind on three points was evsajo. The numbers of entrants scoring two points were almost too numerous to count. Can I mention just two who has not been mentioned before (ever), that is Laney B and (surprise, surprise) paulineward. Late arrivals, but with double hits, were
devadiva, FoxLee, Eiggam, jetski, Elspeth and masterchef.



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Question Author
Weekly stars omitted are Dustybun (I needed to double check) and paulineward !!!
2 points for Pauline....0 for Reg!!! What a shame!
Well done to the top scorers....and as always to Crofter. You keep us so entertained at the weekend!
Thanks for your challenge wickedtongue!
Here's hoping I do okay in the morning!!
Have a good week all!!!!
At last broke my duck under the dread command of wickedtongue - 2 points I think, next week the stars!
Well done Pauline!
I have been 'forced' to post for Reg that he hopes everyone notices I beat him on drink related words!!
No comments!!!
Question Author
Sorry for the delay, but I'd been let out for the day and my meal was getting cold! Mrs crofter did the typing on the understanding that I took a meal check!

The March analysis will begin NOW!
See you in 30 minutes but in the meantime this posting's yours to express yourselves!
What I want to know is, how does crofter know that I'm carrying a beer belly?
And I thought I had WT Rumbled!!
4 points this week, I am stunned.

Amazing how good we all are when it comes to drink related questions

Keep 'em coming WT.
Thanks again crofer for the analysis
Is crofter ♫ under my thumb ♫

Great record that rogerr, sung by Wayne Gibson 1974, my era, what happy memories, Bay City Rollers, David Cassidy, Rubettes.......ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
now you are showing your age pebbles but I agree they were good times and songs
thaks WT for this weeks links and crofter for his hard working abacus
hope to do better tomorrow morning
Question Author
I'd like to pick out a "star in the making" in Pebbles who is new to the game and was champing at the bit at 9.00am ~ challenging the reigning wickedtongue to "bring it on". She (?) has amassed 7 points in only 3 weeks!

My apologies for missing out Dustybun in my initial trawl through the spreadsheets! I thought that she and pauline should be recognised for their achievements!

Now for the serious "big hitters" (as opposed to the serious "bull sh****rs") !

On a monthly total of 8 points is the omnipresent cliffyg who moves ahead as the outright leader! However tucked in behind is the ruthless Pebbles (on 7 points) who should not be underestimated. Remember that it was the shepherd boy, David, who used Pebbles to bring down the Philistine!

Talking of Philistines, on 6 points we have rogerrabbit (who failed to make any advance this week) and ulysses (who returned to winning ways).

Well positioned on 5 points, there are evsajo
and sarumite . These two feature every month in the rankings. Will next week see one of them a champion?

The chasing pack include some old friends in Aquagility, burgess, chriss, Jools & Jim (as single entities). There are 8 ABers just one pointer behind these!

With one week left, I wouldn't like to pick the winner!

Once again it's thanks to all that take part in the SPIRIT of the game (that's a pun on "What's Yours"). Special thanks to wickedtongue for MM and seekeerz for KM.

Until next week same time, same place, it's time to hang up the abacus and put away the book of "odd odes".

Have a good week,


(aka David ~ let Philistines beware!)
Only 4 points! Must do better!
Well done my fellow addicts, and a hearty toast to crofter and wickedtongue.
What happens next weekend? Is this a 5-week month, or do we have a holiday?
Hm. Already answered, I see. There's to be no peace, apparently.
-- answer removed --
-- answer removed --
-- answer removed --
Well done everyone
Glad to see much improved scoring this week.
hope you didnt mind my beer belly being on show.

As this is a 5 week month i will be back next week.
looks like being a very close month.

see you all next week.
Well I beat Jim this week even if we are on equal points now. Lets see what next week brings. :-)

Congratulations to the High scorers this week. Thanks to wickedtongue for the link words and crofter for the scores.

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