MM Links Game March [Week 4]

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crofter | 20:04 Sun 25th Mar 2007 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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I note that you lot didn't score too highly with Body Parts, Mother's Day or Horse Racing, but come to Booze and you're scoring hand over fist.

The chosen words this week are as follows:


To carry out the scoring I had to put the abacus into overdrive.

It started with Pebbles, who came in with a double whammy with Rum Punch and Whisky Galore at 09.02. Rum Punch proved to be a great favourite with Alibobs, Aquagility, cliffyg and Jools all coming in within two minutes to pick up bonus points. There's more!

Also picking up points for Whisky Galore were Christiana and burgess. At 09.03 the first Beer Belly appeared, thanks to Aquagility (again). Also carrying Beer Bellies were Arabesque and Magyar, not to mention the brother and sister team burgess and evsajo.

The final link word to fall was down to sarumite with his Wine Tasting. He was Entrant #10 and clocked in at 09.03. I have never seen as many bonus points going in such a short time!

The top scorers of the round on four points were Pebbles, Aquagility and burgess. Close behind on three points was evsajo. The numbers of entrants scoring two points were almost too numerous to count. Can I mention just two who has not been mentioned before (ever), that is Laney B and (surprise, surprise) paulineward. Late arrivals, but with double hits, were
devadiva, FoxLee, Eiggam, jetski, Elspeth and masterchef.



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With you lot being so good on the Booze questions it makes me wonder if the Canucks (in general and not us in particular) are not living up to their reputation!!!! In this catagory we should have swept the board. But no it was another big fat Zilch - again.
Congratulations to Cliffyg and Peebles who will be asking "What's Yours." Mine's a Malt Whiskey. His Lordship will have a Cuba Libre.
Thanks Wickedtongue and Crofter for another pleasant weekend diversion, and thanks to everyone who joined in in the spirit (not a pun, crofter) of it all.
Well done Cliffyg &Pebbles--brilliant score.
Now for crofter--Philistine indeed--is that pot- kettle, I think so ! ;O) B
Pebbles--I preferred the Stones version--again showing my age and good taste! ;O) B
Just seen scores and am amazed that I got any this week because I don't drink, but let me assure you I can be just as silly without alcohol as I am sure Burgess would confirm!!!!!! Overall I am still beating my much older brother although he did well this week. Thank you WT and Crofter for all your hard work which is greatly appreciated by us all. I really do enjoy weekends more now. Goodnight everyone.Luv Evsajo (Kay)
Kay...I'm so glad you came on board with us all. It seems ages since we discussed about being included!!
You are doing so well with your guesses...and hope you beat the male sibling (much older!)...continuously!!!
We women must stick together!!!
Have a great week!
Take care..Pauline x

Finally !!! I made it onto the board with a point !!!
Yippee - of course, it won't last but it's fun trying.

See you all later at the KM results link.
Wow,several points!
Off for a rubdown with a damp beer towel!
It was bad enough when I only had my little sister to contend with, but now that Pauline has joined her ranks I think I'm being got at, just you wait.
Pauline have only just seen your message.Yes it does seem a long time ago since I felt left out but now I really do feel "one of the gang". I read your messages to others and I think you sound a really lovely person, isn't it funny how just words can give you a good feeling about someone? Its now 6 months since my husband died (just after his 60th birthday) and AB and all the people I have "met" have helped me in a way I never thought possible.
Enough seriousness !!! yes we females must keep beating the men, and I especially have the challenge of "much older brother".Look forward to speaking again soon. Luv and thanks Kay
Pauline have just seen message from Burgess (mob). Does this mean war???? We must be even more determined to beat these men!! Luv Kay
evsajo...he has declared war!! Let battle commence! We know who will win don't we!!!
On a little more serious note, I remember your post to me when my sister died suddenly...and now knowing how hard it was for you at that time, it was more poignant!
I am so glad you are now one of us...and we all look forward to our weekends together!
Let big bro...sulk...he will get used to being a looser!!!!!
Hope your lovely grannndchildren are well!
see you soon!!!
Love Pauline! xx
suppose burgess isn't THAT bad!...ssshhh!!!
Dear Pauline,thank you for your reply. Ihave just read about Sarumite so it looks like another battle on our hands. What a terrible thing to happen to such a lovely person. I have sent a message to the editor and am now going to E mail Sarumite. I am so late because have just been baby sitting my eldest granddaughter, Evie,age 7, an absolute angel. Will speak again soon, you sound such a nice person. luv Kay
Sounds can be deceptive evsajo!! seriously, I hope I am like the majority of people on here, who sound lovely caring people. I try to be! Being on here can restore your faith in Human Nature! are still decent people about!
What a lovely age...7! Bet they keep you going!!
My 2 eldest daughters are Special Needs, so I will have to hope the youngest one, (still only 18) will provide me with grandchildren eventually. Would love it!!!
You sound like you love being a grandma!!
Take care! Pauline x

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