Sunday Telegraph General Crossword 749

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08012006 | 13:04 Sun 18th Mar 2007 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Not doing too well today !

8ac US cake-making contests (8)
9 South American palm-like tree (8)
11 Proverbial reproach (7)
13 In biology the response to stimulus of flowing water (9)
24 Large sealed bottles or jars for plants (8)

2down Japanese dish that is fried rapidly (8)
3 Of equal angles of magnetic declination (8)
5 Old word meaning to be unwilling (6)
10 Smothers by resting upon (8)
12 Small individual fleshy fruit with a stone (8)
14 Dry fruit that splits into several one-seeded portions (10)
16 State of violent mental agitation (8)
22 US informal word meaning to admit to a crime (4)


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Some just given, inc.
8 Bakeoffs
9 Toquilla
24 Terraria
Question Author
Thanks to cliffyg, aquagility.
Further replies eagerly awaited
2d sukiyaki ?
11 Nayword
13 Rheotaxis
24 Terraria
2 Sukiyaki
3 Isogenic
5 Reluct
10 Overlies
12 Drupelet
14 Schizocarp
16 Hysteria
22 Fess
sorry 3d Isogonic
13. Rheotaxis
Question Author
All done - Thanks to you all
No wonder 08012006 you have finished the crossword. You have had nearly half the answers provided by third parties. Could you not try and find the answers yourself over the next day or two?
I thought that too, I at least try for most of the day. its hardly worth doing if you get so many answers given.

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Sunday Telegraph General Crossword 749

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