Mm Links Game Solutios March 2007 [Week 2]

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crofter | 20:04 Sun 11th Mar 2007 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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I have just been given the results for this second week with our supreme champion, wickedtongue, and can now reveal that his four chosen link words for the theme "THE RACE IS ON" are as follows:

HORSE Chestnut
GOLD Finger
Butter CUP

Quite a challenging Round I thought! How did the participants score?

Once again the early birds did well and the four link words were all discovered in quick succession, and by 9.07 none was left standing!

After an initial flurry, ulysses100 arrived calmly at 9.04 with his HORSE CHESTNUT ready to "conker" all before him and picked up the first two-pointer!
With the same recorded times came JIM [of jimjools fame] with his inspired BUTTER CUP ... and evsajo inviting us to KISS CHASE!

I had never heard of this game by this name! In Geordie Land it's was known as CATCHY KISSY! I dread to think what it's called now.

At the same recorded time came in two hits on the only remaining link word of GOLD FINGER and JILLYSBOY and Paulineward opened up their accounts picking up two points each!

All those mentioned above scored two points for the round TOGETHER with Pebbles, who was the only entrant to string together two hits! As in the past I think this is worthy of being rewarded - and I name Pebbles as the HOT SHOT of the round!

So far this month the points have been difficult to come by, but rogerr & ulysses100 have a shared lead on 4 points. They are being chased by solitary sarumite alone on 3 points.

Immediately after these, comes a pack on 2 points including:
chriss, cliffyg, evsajo, JILLYSBOY, jimjools(x2) and Pebbles.

Well done you all!

This is crofter signing off - pushed to meet the deadline - panicking!

Have a nice week!


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Congrats to the leaders. One day I'll be up there with you. Well done.
Thanks for the bonus 2 points you awarded me Crofter, I am very grateful, but I don't think I really got them!!!
I'm in favour of a booby prize for the duds - not looking at anyone or mentioning names but Ont-ice does come to mind!

Congratulations to rogerr and ulysses.
To sarumite: Are you deliberately trying to sabotage your membership in the 'more important' club?

Thanks once again to crofter for all his hard work and to wickedtongue for proving that indeed the name suits as shown by his wicked way with words.
Blimey,un point for Jetski(rushes off to rest in a darkened room)
Thanks Crofter and Wickedtongue!
I'm with o-ice. A booby prize for the duds please. Congratulations to the scorers/leaders and thanks again to Wickedtongue and Crofter for what is rapidly becoming a traditional AB pastime
WOW...........I am stunned, 2 correct, that is amazing and I have only been doing this for a few weeks.

Great fun, a nice bit of light relief from the other quizzes.

Thanks crofter and wickedtongue for taking the time to do these.
Question Author
pauline ~ you are quite right (and honest) but the marksheet has the correct credit given to rogerr for her GOLD FINGER. The monthly totals should be OK!

I am now returning to the main MM posting to see what's been happening there over that final hour!
Ont-ice . . I am devastated at my good fortune in scoring yet another point, and if this is likely to jeopardise my club membership in any way, will gladly donate all points so far awarded to me to the first bidder !! (S) ☺
Wooden spoon again for me. I'm sure it's a fix. My shots can't just hit the bar week after week.

N'mind. Thanks to crofter and Rob for all the fun it gives us. And we'll see what tomorrow brings.
It's that shrubbery, it saps the brain shall sleep in bed next week and hope to do better
no partying for me till it's all over
well done to the point scorers and thanks to crofter and wickedtongue
same time same place next wek I guess
Glad you all enjoyed this weeks game.
Well done Pebbles.
I was expecting the scoring to be higher...will try and make it slightly easier next week.

thanks to Crofter for doing the scoring not a task i would want.

see you all next week.
Thanks for another fun game WT & C--the tortoise strategy is still working!
The marmite sarnies did their job in luring Sarumite in the wrong direction!--but it was sooo easy!!!
See you all next week for some more fun.
Well I was beaten by Jim AGAIN I can see I will have to ban him. :-) Thanks crofter and wickedtongue.
I was just nowhere near. Even those with nil beat me
I agree with Ont-ice and Christiana, we poor foot soldiers should at least get a second-hand sticky toffee or something!

But, well done all the brain boxes - it's been fun AGAIN.

Thanks to wickedcrofter and tongue :O)
Question Author
Now look here Bustydun ~ That's NOT funny!

Why are you such a "shining wit"?
SPOONERISM not intended!! ;o)

Well done you clever early birds!
Having lured you all into a false sense of security I'm planning on an early start next week when I shall scoop the pool. Watch it Pauline!!
Thanks wickedtongue for some wicked choices and crofter for scoring.

uh oh, fur is starting to fly...or is it words,perhaps !!

I'm with you, chiefpanda, I'm not even on the wavelength yet, but congratulations to everyone who scored, I'll just have to try harder next week !!
Thank you wickedtongue for choosing the words (especially kisschase!) and thankyou to Crofter for working out the scores. You see putting sleeping tablets in the marmite did help, I was able to sneak in in front of the shrubbery dwellers as they struggled to wake up, but what to do next week..............I will have to try something else.Have just come back from a pub quiz (1st for many months )and although there were only 3 of us we got into the final so I feel pretty pleased with myself. Goodnight everyone and will hopefully talk to you again next week best wishes Evsajo (Kay)
I didn't get any right either. Good fun though. Thanks to whoever started the ball rolling and to Crofter for his scoring. There's always next week.

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Mm Links Game Solutios March 2007 [Week 2]

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