Mm Links Game Solutios March 2007 [Week 2]

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crofter | 20:04 Sun 11th Mar 2007 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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I have just been given the results for this second week with our supreme champion, wickedtongue, and can now reveal that his four chosen link words for the theme "THE RACE IS ON" are as follows:

HORSE Chestnut
GOLD Finger
Butter CUP

Quite a challenging Round I thought! How did the participants score?

Once again the early birds did well and the four link words were all discovered in quick succession, and by 9.07 none was left standing!

After an initial flurry, ulysses100 arrived calmly at 9.04 with his HORSE CHESTNUT ready to "conker" all before him and picked up the first two-pointer!
With the same recorded times came JIM [of jimjools fame] with his inspired BUTTER CUP ... and evsajo inviting us to KISS CHASE!

I had never heard of this game by this name! In Geordie Land it's was known as CATCHY KISSY! I dread to think what it's called now.

At the same recorded time came in two hits on the only remaining link word of GOLD FINGER and JILLYSBOY and Paulineward opened up their accounts picking up two points each!

All those mentioned above scored two points for the round TOGETHER with Pebbles, who was the only entrant to string together two hits! As in the past I think this is worthy of being rewarded - and I name Pebbles as the HOT SHOT of the round!

So far this month the points have been difficult to come by, but rogerr & ulysses100 have a shared lead on 4 points. They are being chased by solitary sarumite alone on 3 points.

Immediately after these, comes a pack on 2 points including:
chriss, cliffyg, evsajo, JILLYSBOY, jimjools(x2) and Pebbles.

Well done you all!

This is crofter signing off - pushed to meet the deadline - panicking!

Have a nice week!


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Thanks for my two points. Leats hope this is the start of something big, and good luck to all you shrubbery lurkers next week .See you all ,usual time usual place.
It's great to be up in front there with Barbara, but with another two weeks to go plenty of time to fall at a hurdle and get trampled in the rush.
Until next weekend then, when battle can commence again..............
Question Author
The same names appear in the honours lists week in ~ week out! This proves that there is an element of skill in this Links Game!

The Cream always rises to the top of the Milk!
thank you crofter! anyway, I'd much rather be a whinixxxx shining wit! :O)
Question Author
When are you going to win the MM Links Game Db?

I'd love to know first-hand how your brain works!
I wish I knew crofter - it's on auto-pilot most of the time! Just won't come to heel when I call it!!!

You may (or may not) be interested to know that on the two games this week I actually had three correct answers when I jotted my first thoughts down - then I changed them! and that's not the first time that's happened. My mother always said I was a fidget!!

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Mm Links Game Solutios March 2007 [Week 2]

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