MM Links Game Solutions March 2007 [Week 1]

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crofter | 20:00 Sun 04th Mar 2007 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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I have just been given the choices for this, the first week with a new champion, and I can tell you that the first round the four links chosen by wickedtongue (aka Rob) with a theme of "BODY PARTS" are as follows:


One or two tricky ones perhaps - especially when coming from a completely new setter. Just how will the early birds score? Well three of the link words were
discovered in quick succession, but the final link word held out for ages. (just over the hour in fact!)

In view of the "false start" at the launch, I have decided to be flexible about the 2-minute Rule. I note that FOUR entrants predicted TONGUE TWISTER at or before 9.02am and I propose that all four receive the bonuses for this first link. Those four being as follows: the "one minute man" lector,
ulysses100, sarumite and slaney. Well done you four!

Immediately after these, came in Entrant #11 at 09.02am with FIRE ARM. This was the retired Queen rogerr suitably armed and looking for revenge. By 9.06 in came Entrant #18 in the form of Jools to claim WISHBONE and her bonus point. Only FOOT PRINT was left and lasted barely the hour when littleowl flew in to claim the last word and PRINT her name on the competition!

I note that NO Entrant was able to make two hits, yet all four link words had gone by 10.02am. Most of the scoring seems to takes place in the first hour. A
realistic strategy could be to study the early entrants and work on getting the pattern correct rather than introduce rather outlandish options (which are not likely to score points). I thought that this was to be the secret strategy of sarumite!



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Question Author
The League Table after Week 1 always looks sparse. We have seven joint leaders, six on a single point and 40 entrants only one point behind these six! The names are as shown below:

On 2 Points: lector, ulysses100, sarumite, slaney, rogerr, jools and littleowl (Reg Ward should be included here?)

On 1 Point: cliffyg, Arabesque, Grenmus, shaneystar2, chriss and jayemcee

Welcome to all newcomers including maggie (user name eiggam), David Masterchef, netkey to name a few.

If I have missed anyone one then please let me know. For sure I recall an entry from Reg Ward (special report on Reg to follow asap)

In the meantime, I announce these games closed.

Special Thanks to King Wickedtongue who has taken on tasks today outside his comfort-zone and has performred brilliantly. Ex-Queen Barbara made a big entrance carrying a firearm!?

Next week same time, same place, same people scoring hits (claiming that this is a game of skill) and the same people scoring zilch (knowing this game is purely based on luck).

This is crofter off to catch a haggis for supper, wishing good health, much wealth but most of all good mates to share your good fortunes and the bad!.
In the words of one of my favourite comedian...I DON'T BELIEEEEEVE IT!
I get none, he gets the words as soon as I get in as I forgot to leave them...and he gets 2!!!
He is going to be unbearable this week!!
Well done to all who scored...except Reg!
Question Author
When I draft my reports, I come "off line" and tend not to have paper copy of the last few entries. Reg Ward was one of those on the last page of the posting.

His entry was unique this week as the ONLY one to pick out TWO Hits (ignore my previous comment on this matter)

I therefore name REG as "Hot Shot of the Week"

Cries of unrestrained joy pass through AB-land"!!

HIP HIP >>>>>>>>>>>>>HURRAH!
Question Author
Pleased to see that Pauline is taking it well!!

Behind every successful man ...?
Did you HAVE to draw so much attention to this Crofter!!!!??
Thanks again to everyone, back to nil points for me. I am away next weekend so won't be able to join in the festivities.
Good luck to everyone else
nil for me too think I tried the "outlandish" words that crofter mentions hoping that wickedtongue may have tried to be "outlandish" as well.
well you never know perhaps next week
Yes!!! A score at last
Well done Reg.

I'm very surprised the scoring was so low.

and if you all thought this weeks were hard god help you next week!!!

thanks to crofter for doing such a brilliant job with scoring.
Ok wickedtongue we are warned. Quaking in our boots. :-)
jools I hope you do not have muddy boots on in the house!
wickedtongue will give you 100 lines if you have left muddy FOOTPRINTs everywhere!
I knew the twigloo was a bad idea, or perhaps it was just the water on the brain - so, nil points but already expecting better things next week. Well done Reg, et al - and Pauline, commiserations, how will you live with him this week?
With great difficulty Christiana! He's already had a celebratory glass of wine, and says he can't wait for next week..and tomorrow for the KM link results!
Hmmm. It's all a fix. But just wait until tomorrow morning. I'm not going to look at this site or open my paper until noon, just savouring the four points (maybe more) that I know are in the bag.

Meanwhile, well done the winners, sleep tight the rest, and goodnight.
Haa ! So my ''secret strategy'' (which cannot be revealed for security reasons) was pretty successful? I'm just a bit puzzled how so many others were able to keep pace with me! Perhaps my little scheme was rumbled?? May have to change course next week.
Thanks crofter for such a detailed analysis and also wickedtongue for entering into the spirit of things. It was fun. ☺☺
Oh! Pauline. It seems like a long time ago, but I had to live with Mr O the week he picked the winners or got bonus points or something. (See, the mind does blank out what you don't want it to remember). Alas, I do recall the crowing and the cawing - endless! However he didn't do too well the next time or the next and you know the one about he who laughs last etc.?
Anyway, even as a team we're not winning any laurels of late, but at least we are consistent. Big fat zilch every week.
I hope you are well, Pauline?
Thanks to wickedtongue and to Crofter for helping us forget the snow outside and making us feel nice and warm inside - nothing like a bit of friendly competition to chase the blues.
Thanks to all the ABers who joined in the fun.
Good fun this week ..thanks to all.
Pauline--could you could pass on as many congratulations as you think appropriate to the "hot shot" of the week !

With the scrum that the shrubbery has become,that elusive drop goal is going to need careful planning ...
Thanks for those words of encouragement Ont-ice! I will let him have his little moment!! Glad to have you back with us. Bet the sun and heat seems a lifetime away already!
Both keep well! regards to you both..Pauline x
Slaney...that's all of none!!!
That's it. I am not getting up early any more. I get more points after a long lie in ! Congrats to all who managed a score. See you all next week.

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MM Links Game Solutions March 2007 [Week 1]

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