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Christiana | 22:52 Mon 26th Feb 2007 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Okay I give up. Got stuck in bottom right hand corner and followed hints given on one of the threads by Shaneystar and Athenae, so now nearly finished, but just can't get first word of 35A Freewheeling downhill in a car to save petrol (7,9). I presume the last word is overdrive - my brain is certainly in overdrive!. I have ?e?i?a? for the first word. Sorry, Shaneystar, reference to waves at football matches proved too subtle.


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Mexican Overdrive
I got that one, but I cannot find the family of small fishes, similar to the grey mullet (11) for 24 down. I have fished and angled on Google for ages. Please help. Last one.
Thank you teacher1. I just could not find it.
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Thanks Shaneystar. So annoying - worked out all but half a clue on my own but fell at the last fence!. Thanks, too, for the site reference. I tried Onelook dictionary search which usually throws up Wiktionary phrases, but either I missed it or it didn't work on this occasion.
i think you should all be ashamed of yourselves ... these are current prize crosswords and you are cheating. i despise your selfish arrogance.
I beg your pardon. Please explain.
Question Author
Nemesisian - I'm sorry you feel as you do. When does searching for answers (whether it be in dictionary or enclyclopaedia, on google or via the answer bank) become cheating? I doubt if anyone could finish The Generalist without searching for information.
I see you are new on our site. We are friendly, helpful people. Many of us provide explanations/information to assist others to be able to work things out for themselves next time. I hope you will find this out for yourself in time, but if you still feel this strongly then perhaps you shouldn't join us. After all this is the ANSWERBANK - it exists to provide answers.
Well put Christiana - I don't understand you problem nemesisiam - It's not as if the answers to the whole crossword have been posted on here. As Christiana says this is Answerbank.
I'm still waiting for nemesisiam's to explain why we are all cheats full of selfish arrogance.
Strong words to be throwing around at strangers.
Cheat !!!!!! Why did nemesisiam sign on to the AB in the first place ??????????????????????

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The Generalist - Help Shaneystar, Athenae et al

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