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allotment10 | 18:13 Sun 11th Feb 2007 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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i have been trying to get the real people mag site up to submit answers but it's got a complete new page ! tried clicking on sister mags to real people but still the same problem
has anyone got the site or know why it's been changed, ?
x lottie.


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Me too Lottie ..I keep getting Company or some such come up all the time ..I tried it again today but it's still the same even through Dons site .
I have put mine in the post now .!
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cheers shaney, thats the one that i keep getting, so have emailed them through the "contact us" to try to find out whats happening, they proberly won't bother replying but worth a try,
have you noticed as well that tab, chat, and all the others send a reply when texted the answers in but real people never do! very strange.
x lottie.
To shaneystar2 & allotment10,
If you have a back-up hardcopy of your answers I've got an alt thread for email of Real People below... .html?p=4279510
ATB - donslot.
I have had an email reply from them before ..they just put something like ..thank you for submitting your answers to RP magazine not reply to this automated email ..or something like that !
Mind you ..if you have a junk mail filter it may not come through. I have never texted answers though .Mobile phones and me don't get on sons are always moaning that I should switch the wretched thing on !!
I submit Chat and RP on line but post the others ..perhaps that's why I never win !
Mind you.. funnily enough I have had two wins with RP recently...Lol
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not seen that one before donslot, recognised some of the names on there though, will look into the site properly later, thanks.
Hi allotment10, I use to e-mail my answers and they would acknowledge them, then on 2 occassions I did not get anacknowlegement and I e-mail to another of their address and they wrote saying thy had checked out all e-mails and had not received ANYTHING from me, (I had printed out copies) after that I just send by post. I was not aware that TAB had a site.
Hope you and hubby are well.
Thanks very much Don ..that link took me straight to an email link....great ..have bookmarked it in case of further hitches .
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hi clare, i remember you saying you had problems with them, i'll wait till tomorrow to see if i get a reply from them, if i don't then i'll just post the entries in, not going to waste time messing about with them, they are very lax in replying/helping out with any queries etc, TAB haven't got a site to email in, i meant when you text the entries in they always acknowledge they have recieved them, same as full house, thats life, chat, but pick me up & real people never do, (just seems strange why they don't acknowledge) anyway,
me & hubby are fine, hope alls well with you & family,nicer weather today here, thank goodness!
hi shaney - put your moby on you naughty woman!!! lol
x lottie.

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donslot, thank you so much :-)

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real people site for submitting answers

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