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cyanide | 15:25 Mon 05th Feb 2007 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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In the weakest link show after the first round presuming that everyone answered their questions correctly,how do they work out who is the strongest/weakest player.Is it to do with the time they took to answer their question?


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I think the strongest person is the one who banked the most money and the weakest is the one who took longest to answer. (Assuming they all answered one question correctly).
I think Argee's assessment is probably spot-on .. although I've never seen it published, it's the most logical scenario.
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Thanks for the quick response,that`s what i thought but sometimes the money is banked automatically if they reach the target isn`t it,so how do they work that out?
Perhaps in these instances the strongest link is the player to have answered the most correct questions in the fastest time.
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Yeah,you`re probably right,strange isn`t it the things that keep you awake at night?!LOL.
The money ( if they reach the �1,000 ) isn't automatically banked because I remember one time when they reached the target and Ann Robinson kept asking questions . They actually voted off the person who should have banked the money .
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Oh right,i thought in the first round when they reached the target it banked,god i`ll sleep tonight!
The first person to answer a question in round one is also,should they all answer correctly, the one to bank the �1000 and is therefore strongest link.

The second person to answer a question has the lowest amount of money in the bank and therefore is the weakest link. Length of time taken to answer isn't a factor

that is what I have seen when watching, I think
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